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One skincare product that I have consistently used in 2020. Is the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich. I picked up a 15ml sample of this from a QVC deal as I wanted to compare to this to the original product. Then continued to pick it up in various QVC deals and finally got a 50ml. In 2020, I ended up using over seven jars.

Clinically proven and specially formulated to intensively nourish and moisturise dry and dehydrated skin. The powerful anti-ageing ingredients of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich have been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin firmness, tone and hydration in 14 days. The unique Mediterranean algae, Padina Pavonica, has been blended with Ginkgo Biloba, Chlorella and Rose and Mimosa absolutes to moisturise the skin and visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, whilst supporting a feeling of suppleness, firmness and elasticity. This works on my skin for nine months of the year, during the summer months, it is too rich for me.

What’s good about it?
The genius in this formulation is that Elemis haven’t gone for the bog standard shea butter to give the ‘richness’. The base oil is jojoba – the easiest for all skin types to absorb. The next oil is sunflower, cocoa butter doesn’t make its appearance until way down the ingredient list. Good news for absorption rates and people prone to breakouts but still in need of something nourishing.

This cream is just lovely, I feel that it is feeding something into my skin. It makes it more softer. Sometimes, I have been using this day and night and even around my eyes. As I have got older, my skin has got drier and with the added complication of rosacea. I never thought I would get on this, some many products with fragrance have be tried. This is one of the few that I have brought multiples of this year. It has given my skin that extra nourishment that it has needed. Calling this Ultra Rich, conjures up an image of a thick heavy product, which is completely untrue. It is not greasy and absorbs quickly. And you only need a pea size amount, as a little goes a long way. The scent is the Marine cream but thankfully my rosacea skin does react to this. This is for sure, one of my desert island products that I have found. This has been around for about fourteen years, and I can not believe that I never knew about it. I know that I need it for six months. I found a 100ml deal from QVC this past Christmas. For under £60, and would last 6 months, working out £10 per month. My husband brought it for me, I will continue to look for good deals price wise. I hope to find a deal like this every Christmas. I would recommend if you have rosacea or dry, dehydrated skin. I just love this cream.

However, this January I started Tretinoin every evening and I trialled this over two days, and my face stung. Not a good thing for me. I will use up what I have and reassess when this is done. I am on the fence now whether to continue to buy this. Time will tell.


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