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My year using all my Elemis products. Well I thought I would spend the year of 2020 using this brand. But mid way realised, I wanted to save them. I had other items in my beauty stash that I needed to use up first. So I tried as much as I could and then saved the rest of them. Elemis is a brand of skincare that I have finally got around to trying. I have had lots of travel sizes and I have used them all up and I am so impressed with them. I then ventured more into this brand, brought full sizes of different ranges after travel sizes. This is too see if it reacts to my rosacea skin. Some have and that means no need to buy any more of that range. This is all that I have used up during 2020. My year of using Elemis and any travel sizes in my beauty stash.

Cleansing and Toning

The micellar water is amazing. It is actually as good or maybe be better as the Bioderma one. It has helped me to clean my face so easily and get everything off without stinging or hurting my complexion. Elemis has made something special that is gentle as well as effective. I used a trial sample first then found this deal with a 400ml micellar water and 100ml Pro Collagen Marine Cream, so I brought both and they should last over six months. Time will tell. And this did, but it did get boring using the same product for six months. So a smaller size will work better in micellar water rotation. I really only need this for winter period.

During the first three months of my Elemis year I tried travel sizes of the toners. The toners that are available were a hit and miss for me. The Apricot and Lavender were just too perfumed and I did not like them. The Ginseng were fine, and I brought a full size to get over £100 worth of extras from elemis site. And I will see what is in the many deals that QVC do through out the year. Some of the qvc deals bulk out their products with items like toners and micellar waters. But in the spring, when I get ill and my skin gets irritated. There do not work for me. So not repurchasing and if I get this in a set. I will sell it on.


Bargain Sets

The first range I tried was this pro collagen try me collection. This I had brought one year and was so impressed when I got around to using this. I have to be careful as a lot of Elemis products are perfumed. But so far most samples I have tried my face has not reacted to it.


The Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night cream is another favourite. This is a thicker cream than the others, but you only need a little to cover the face and neck, so a pot last a long time.It goes on smoothly and you can feel your skin absorbing it in. It is expensive and I am not a fan of the packaging. My husband brought this set for last Christmas. The Pro Collagen Marine Cream is a lovely anti aging day cream. It feels rich yet light and easily absorbed. The texture of the cream is lovely and it sinks right in to your skin not leaving it greasy and oily. After only a week of using it I could definitely tell a difference. It did not irritate my skin and doesn’t cause any redness. So I brought some more in some of the sets I got for bargain prices in January deals.


I brought a lot of the products in sets in January 2020, I got some great reduced prices from the Little Skin Shop.  These were Christmas sets that I just wanted to try. So I would check their or QVC for the best deals but only buy if you like the products. I do not buy every deal I find.

Both these sets had the  Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix in a 30ml. This clinically proven* overnight treatment with Elemis Smart Drone Technology replenishes the complexion giving smoother-looking skin, with visible bounce-back. Modern day living including stress, sleep deprivation and pollution can impact on the health of the skin. When under pressure, the body releases inner chemical signals, which can impair the skin’s barrier function, decrease the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid and contribute to the breakdown of collagen and cellular ageing. This sounded right up my street, so I was looking forward to trying this. I also found a 15ml in my travel stash and thought I would try that. I do not like the texture or the smell, but it does work on my skin. So strange, I will not be buying unless it is part of a set. Time will tell.


Facial Oils

I had enjoyed the Pro Collagen Marine Oil sample. So I introduced the Pro Collagen Rose Facial Oil in the evening and the Superfood Facial Oil in the morning.  But the Pro Collagen Marine Oil is a long term favourite, but I like using the Superfood in the morning. I have repeated buying this throughout the year, if I found a good deal. I went off the rose fragrance in the spring, so can not see me buying the rose one again.


Winter Weather Skincare

In the new year I introduced Pro Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich from a set I had brought.  I loved this in the winter. With central heating and varying temperatures that all take their toil on my dehydrated skin. This cream is perfect for hydration and a bit thicker than the regular Pro Collagen cream. This keeps my skin in great shape over the winter. One I hope to find in package deal during the year. It is very expensive as £87 for 50ml. Hence why I would like this in package deal. This set had a 15ml sample size. This only lasted about a month.


During February’s today special value day. This set below was on offer for £31.98 with 30ml of the Pro Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich. I brought this for the cream. In the UK, we are in the middle of our winter period. I wanted so more. So this came just as I finished the 15ml sample. It is lovely for my face and I was pleased to get this at this price. It went back up to £40. I will try and get more of this cream next year for next winter, as it is so good for my rosacea skin.

I then introduced the Pro Collagen Rose Hydro Mist. This is so simple to use, shake and spray. It can be used on bare skin or a full face of makeup with out affecting the makeup. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and fresh without being soaking wet. Some times I have found the nozzle on the bottle to not work properly. The smell is very rosy so if you like roses you will love this smell. I liked the product but the smell and packaging did not work for me. So I will not be repurchasing.

Masks, Exfoliating and Serums

I tried the Pro Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm, as a mask. I brought all the different cleansing balms including the original and the neroli one. I was not a fan of the rose scent, so I gave this to my mum to use up.  The others, I sold or gifted to friends. The fragrance was too much for me. Not buying this every again.

I had a travel size of the Papaya Enzyme Peel and I fell in love with the smell. It also did not effect my skin. I use it twice and week and my skin has never looked better. I brought the duel set during the February Today Special Value day, I got two of them for the price of one. I love this product, and know I will use this often as I love the smell.

Pro Collagen Marine Mask has turned out to be another long term favourite.  The unique and powerful algae, Padina Pavonica, helps to instantly firm and tone the skin. Adaptogenic Noni, Moringa and Argan tree oil are combined to help support the skin and improve elasticity for a more youthful, firmer appearance. During April TSV event, this set was released on qvc, and I snapped this up. 50ml of the mask is £52 and the serum is £67. This set was £44.97, bargain if you ask me.

I introduced the Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator into my Sunday skincare. This picture shows what I was using every Sunday evening from April. Micro-spherical Jojoba beads are blended with hydrating Rose Absolute to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin leaving it silky smooth and soft to the touch. Cucumber extract, rich in Vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant, moisturises as it soothes and refreshes. Use weekly to buff away dirt and dead skin cells to achieve a glowing, youthful complexion. However, in comparison to the Papaya Enzyme Peel, there is no contest. I never used this again on my face and used it up on my hands and chest. I just did not like it.

And the Herbal Repair Mask was next used too. But I did not get on with this. Wrong type of skin for this.


Expert Advise

During May, I was very ill and my skin was irritated and sore.  I messaged Keeley Aydin on Facebook, as she has worked with Elemis for over twenty years. She responded with this information

Ok this is the routine id recommend

Am nourishing omega cleansing oil

Kefir mist

Superfood oil

Pro collagen

Pm Nourishing omega cleansing oil

Rose cleansing balm

Kefir mist Rose oil

Overnight matrix

Weekly x2

Gentle rose Exfoliator followed by vital veggie mask

I thanked and knew that I would not be using any of the rose products or the overnight matrix except the facial oil. I am not a fan of the rose smell in these products at all.

Late Spring

During the May bank holiday, I brought a body set to try and it was amazing. It contained a Sea Lavender & Samphire Bath & Shower Milk (300ml) – this creamy milk formula works to cleanse and condition your skin. Infused with a fresh, oceanic scent. And a Sea Lavender & Samphire Salt Scrub (150ml) – a luxurious scrub infused with sea salt to help exfoliate and soften. I fell in love with this scent and then brought a body cream. I would only buy the salt scrub again. Not a fan of milk or body cream.

British Botanicals

This range first came out in 2015, to celebrate Elemis 25th in the beauty world. The products were amazing. I fell in love with the shower cream and brought as many travel sizes to go away with. I have taken it away with me to anywhere I have been since 2015.

It was so popular that they brought it back by popular demand. It first came with the July TSV from QVC in 2015. I was not going to miss this. And Elemis also brought out a body and hair mist with the scent, but I did not like this. I sent this back for a refund.

Aching Muscle Super Soak

I was recommend this by a friend who insisted this works. When it arrived, the smell was awful. My husband though it was like a deep heat aroma. So I started using this every day for a week. And for someone who has rheumatoid arthritis and painful joints every day. This product gives me three hours of respite. I may even have two baths on bad days and see how I get on. This will always be brought in the future.


I first used the Pro Collage Advanced Eye Treatment, thinking this was the same as the sample I had previously tried and enjoyed. This was not and just too watery and runny for me. Will not be repurchasing this. I then used the Pro Collagen Eye Renewal, this is very nice. Loved the packing and product but not the price at £69 for 15ml. Will keep looking for this if a good deal. Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Mask, fine but just wasteful, so not repurchasing. Pro Collagen Eye Revive Mask which was newly released this year. Very nice, but the packing is not good for me, and £55 for 15ml is again a lot of money.

Superfood Range

I brought the big deal in January 2020. I found that this was supposed to be good for rosacea.  This set featured four full size products from the Superfood range, including the brand new Superfood Cica Calm Foaming Micellar Wash, an ultra-hydrating, ferment-infused cleanser formulated for sensitive skin, plus the much-loved Superfood Facial Oil, Day Cream and Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator. I brought later in the year most of the range as a travel size to see how it reacted to my skin. I have been a lot of problems with my skin. So I will always try a travel size to test out first. I can always sell on the full size products.

This range is a bit hit and miss for me. I like the facial oil as this is so good in the morning. I have used and re-brought this as I use this every morning, as it is so good for my skin. But only if the price is right, it is very expensive for what it is. The cica calm cleansing foam was very gentle but my face did not like this. So I had a travel size and sold the full size. Then I found a superfood facial wash in my travel stash. Not a fan of this either. The kefir mist was fine but when my skin started to get irritated, it stung so I used this up on my husband. The day cream was ok, and the night cream was not. Too perfumed for me, so unlike to buy again.

Peptide4 Range

I only tried the Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil as a sample size. That stung my face and the smell was too much for me. So I knew that I had to be careful with this range. I also had the Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial.  But sold it as the smell again was too much for me. I tried the brand new lactic acid peel, the Hydra Serum and the thousand flower mask. The Hydra Serum stung my face, so this did not work for me and finished up on my hands.

QVC Deals 2020

January, the superfood range was a big deal. This was £49.50 and a bargain for these products.

This was the today special values of 2020 on QVC UK. The first was in February, and was all Peptide4.  But I did not buy this, as I did not want any of the items in it. I have to want more than two things in a set or it is not worth getting.

The next today special value came in April and I again did buy this even though it had two out of five products I like. I wanted the Marine Cream Ultra Rich for next winter, and the Eye Revive Mask. I sold the rest of them with the bag as I did not want them.

There was another big deal at the end of April. These three products were about £67. I did not get this even though I like the oil.

The next TSV was in July, this had the return of the British Botanicals. This is my favourite shower product ever, I love this smell. I thought I was getting this, and depending what this was, I might even do auto delivery. A year of the set at the TSV price every sixty days. But when I saw the products, I was so disappointed. So I did get one, and sold the serum and night cream. I have previously tried both this year and did not like them.

In August, there was a big deal comprising a face wash, exfoliating facial pads and hydrating night cream from the Dynamic Resurfacing range. Formulated to help promote the appearance of smoothness and radiance, wake up to the secret of a flawless-looking complexion with this night time skin-renewing trio. I did not buy this even though I wanted to try this range. Maybe next year. But I did get the pads on a reduced deal from Amazon for £25, which was a bargain.

September TSV was a four piece collection and with two new products of Pro Collagen Energising Marine Collection and Pro Collagen Tri Acid Peel. This might be an auto delivery.

November TSV is normally the big Christmas one. With an new aromatic scent. But when I found out about it, I was disappointed. So I did not buy this either. But not that bothered as I have so much to use up. And I save myself money and buy what I want.

December was another big deal and another todays special value deal of three skincare. The first was the big deal, that did interest me, but I did not end up getting this.


Then the todays special value, which again I did not buy. I did not need any of these products.


Year Of Elemis Finished

I have completed my year of Elemis. The only problem I have with this brand, is the price and some of the packaging. It is so expensive and I hate jars for beauty products. I think I was always try and buy Elemis when it is on offer whether it is a christmas/new year deal.  Or one of the many today special values deal that QVC sells throughout the year. I will only get sets that have the products that I actually want or want to try. I will not be buying every deal that I find. But having kept my eye on QVC this year, they release deals for what you skin actually needs. So I will continue to see what QVC have to offer.  In the spring, I found a group of Facebook, that sold items they did not want from QVC, with some great bargains. I will keep my eye on this one.  I am very particular with what products that I like. Elemis has turned into a brand that I am so impressed with. I am currently putting together a post about my favourite Elemis products that I hope to repeat purchase throughout my lifetime.

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