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So six months of my no buy year and how I have got on. Let me remind you of my no buy goals

  • This will not include food, holidays, days out for content.
  • No spending on books, unless paid with vouchers or at a 99p price.
  • No beauty products as that works with my beauty product use up, but I can try spas and anything similar.
  • No new clothes I have enough to wear.


I was mainly ill again with lots of virus, that is the beauty of my rheumatoid arthritis condition. I did buy a book in the first week, Michael Connelly, Dark Sacred Night and I only paid 99p with an amazon voucher as this was on a deal of the day special offer. And at my library, I was in a queue for this and I was number 122. And I have also read it and I was pleased. Any new books I buy I want to read and not hold on too.

no buy year

I was also trying to learn patience. I had started this brilliant book series from Angela Marsons. And when I finished book two it was a wow moment and I immediately wanted to read book 3. I have already reserved it at the library, but I kept going to Amazon, it was only £2.99, but my thoughts were battling themselves. If I brought the book, I would want to get all the book in the series. I had read this author, was going to write at least sixteen books, and thought will they all be that good.  In the end, I brought books, 3, 7, 8 and 9 as I had ordered them at the library and on each of them I was number 26 and it was going to be months before I got them. I paid for them all with my christmas vouchers and they cost between £2 and £2.99 each. Well worth the money. I will be buying the rest when I have saved up a bigger voucher with my swagbucks.

no buy year

Snow Girls by Chris Mooney, I have already read and loved it. And one Saturday night I found it was reduced to 99p. Exactly my price point and I still had money left from my christmas voucher. So it was a no brainer. I have all his other books, as they are so good.

no buy year

But no new beauty products or clothes.


Again no beauty or clothes. Still at home ill. I did get these three kindles at daily deals for 99p each.

In addition, my husband and I were both ill on our wedding anniversary. So he did not get me any flowers. I did ask he if wanted to buy this, Function Of Beauty for my present instead of flowers and this will definitely last longer than them.


I finally felt better enough to meet my friends for a lunch date. The first lunch I used a voucher for Prezzo. So saved myself some money there. I held off going to the cinema too. But my cat died unexpectedly. That night I was too upset to sleep and brought these items. I do not regret buying them as they have been on my wish list since summer 2018. But I am determined to continue on my no buy journey.


And I did buy another new product to try, Polyglutamic Acid and another Caffeine Eye Serum. This new product is my go to eye product for spring, summer and autumn now.


This month I went out twice to catch up with my friends. I went for my favourite meal at Zen Noodles.
Avengers Endgame was out late last month. So this was not going to be missed.

I had an £25 Amazon to use up, and I ended up buying nine kindle books that I have had on a list a long while. I wait for the price to drop. I will only pay full price for my favourite authors. And that is less than seven authors a year. Others I am happy to get from the library and wait for the inevitable price drop. But only if I like the story. There has been a lot of authors, that I would have brought and now after reading them I have not.

I also made some bigger purchases. One was a Mylee Gel Nail Kit and the other was a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

no buy no buy

I had been thinking about these items for some time and then brought them. I used to save all my money for my travels, and as I can not travel much at all this year. I got these instead. But the hairdryer went back as it just did not work for me.


Again, did not buy many things. I also had another £25 Amazon gift voucher but the books were not at the right price for me. A no buy year is quite hard as there are always things that catch your eye. I am glad that I tried this while not working it was easier to avoid all the high street shops like Boots, Superdrug and Primark that I would pop into once a week or more during my lunch break. I did buy something I have been after since January. The Apothaka Barrier Support Serum and my face loved it. So when I have finished up my other serums, I will be buying this in a full size. I also met up with my friends for more lunches which is nice to do.

I also went to see a dermatologist to get some answers about my face and was advised to try and help my now confirmed rosacea with this serum and replace my sun cream and she told me that my favourites were no good for my skin. So I also brought this one from Amazon to try this. So this is my new face products and new supplements that I will trialling for the next three months and see if I have any difference.

I have brought the perfume free trail me size of the cleansing oil, so hopefully be getting that soon and see how I get on with it. I need to pare back all the products to just these for the next three months.

A no buy year is very very hard. I will continue to use the library, use up beauty products. And lets see how the rest of year goes.

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