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I go to London once a month to shop or sight see unless I have a trip abroad. I live in a little town in the east which within five minutes of driving you are surrounded by fields. This suits my husband down to the ground with his motorbike. And with my compressed fortnight of work, I get a day off every other week. At least one of them, I am in London and that suits me down to the ground.

Sloane Square




Oxford Street for Selfridges, one of my favourite shops in the world. It has nearly everything I like ! In Oxford Street, you can find a shop that sells everything. It is one of the most busiest streets in London. Primark have even opened two shops at either end. My favourite one is nearest to Tottenham Court Road station. That is because they have a large Harry Potter section. But avoid at the weekend if I was you !


Covent Garden mainly for Aspinal Of London and Stanfords. My favourite specialist shop that I just can not find in my local city.

shop shop

London is perfect for all the different shops you can find, it just a problem bringing all the bags back.

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