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It is now the time for a digital/social media detox. Every day I work at a screen for eight hours a day. Then spend the rest of evening and weekends on my pc. If not busy with plans I will be writing my blog, scrolling through Instagram, spending so much time on Twitter and You Tube, reading other blogs and catching up with my friends on Facebook. And something has to give. In the last year, I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both my left and right wrists, in addition to the fact that I already have rheumatoid arthritis. And both of these illnesses have caused so much pain. And I also was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency in late April. So this year so far has not been good for me health wise. I have been off work since February dosed up to my eyeballs with various different painkillers. And with China blocking all social media sites, it sounds like I can use this time to play tourist for a change. And experience an escorted holiday with a guide, which is not something I am used to !

So I will be off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my blog – I do have a few scheduled posts coming up while I am away. This country China is a dream country for me – lets hope that I feel this way when I come home ! And thank the heavens that steroids have got my pain manageable so I could do this trip. It was touch and go, if health wise I could go !


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