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I am changing the way I will travel in our futures. With redundancy, ill health and last years many problems with British Airways. I am hoping to avoid that airline for some time – finger crossed!

I hope that all my short haul travels will be from my local airport – London Stansted which is 30 mins from my home. And there are lots of airlines now using Stansted, that can only be to my benefit !

My long haul is where I am on the fence. I will always look for an offer of the week, and I found a lot last year that I would have booked, if I had the money and the holiday off work ! But there are a few holidays, I will have to go to Heathrow or Gatwick for. But the airline Emirates has announced it’s going to start flying to Stansted Airport from June this year. The new route will connect Dubai and the north Essex terminal and will see Boeing 777-300 ER planes fly each day. This opens us the Far East, Indian Ocean and Africa. It would mean avoiding London, and only have a 30 min drive home. And it should also be cheaper with petrol and airport parking. Time will tell what we do !

But also last year, Ryanair and AirEuropa made a deal to fly to destinations in South America, USA and the Caribbean. The only catch is that you have to fly to Madrid first and change planes. Interesting but I really do not know what we will do !

And with my health problems, I can not do weekend breaks rushing around seeing as much as I can. I am going to try and travel slowly and immerse myself in a single destination. But even with five days in Slovenia last year, I only booked two full days and one half day and this was still too much as I am still suffering with ill health. So when I am on a proper medication to deal with my condition. I will try this again and see if this works better for me. I have mostly booked most of my travels independently, so I might have to just book a tour, just so that I am covered with travel insurance if I am too ill to travel. It is a tricky situation for me at the moment. So I am really on the fence with what to book in the future. I just know that all things in my life not just travel have to change for me !

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