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Lacura beauty products review. I have been using a few of the products brought from Aldi. Some of them are dupes of iconic beauty products. These are my thoughts;

Caviar Day And Night Cream


This sells at £6.99 per pot for 50 ml. I like the expensive feel of the glass jar, but felt that the day cream was too rich for my skin. I struggled to finish this up. But the night cream, I found this to be thinner than the day cream but equally rich in texture. I much preferred this. But would I buy these Aldi skin items in the future. The day cream no, the night cream, yes and use this as a night, neck and decolletage cream.


Lacura Moisture Complex Sheet Mask


These Lacura sheet masks are exactly like the Garnier ones I have always brought. They are a bargain at £1.49 for a twin pack. But I have have changed my thoughts of things like these. Once all on the sheet masks are used up, I will never buy again. They are very wasteful. I will return to mask in jars that can be recycled.

Gel Look Nail Polish


These gel nail polishes were a big disappointed. Within two days, they had chipped and I gave them away as I have better gel polish from other brands that last longer to use up.

Hot Cloth Cleanser


This hot cloth cleanser I do like. The muslin cloth is nothing special, but the cleanser is nice to use. I am not buying this again as I have found a much better cleanser from Cera Ve.

Lacura Daily Cleansing Pads

I was pleased to find these Glycolic Peel Pads in my beauty cupboard and used them straight after a L’Oreal set. I did not feel that there were as effective as the L’Oreal ones. So after they are finished up, I will not be replacing.

Lacura Healthy Glow Tonic

Suitable for most skin types the Healthy Glow Toner visibly brightens your skin while removing impurities. Our Lacura Glycolic Glow Exfoliating Tonic is the perfect treat for your face before bed time. Not only does it remove impurities and brighten your face, the glycolic acid improves your skin texture, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. It contains 5% Glycolic acid and exfoliates and removes impurities. By the time I was going to use, I was diagnosed with rosacea skin. So I sold this instead.

This lovely Lacura Retinol Exfoliating Tonic is the perfect simple way to brighten your complexion. Smooth over face morning and evening to remove impurities and leave skin soft and smooth. This removes impurities, visibly brightens skin, leaves skin feeling soft and smooths skin. But does it really ?

Aldi Lacura Soy Restorative Multi Intensive Serum


This serum has calcium complex and linoleic acid help to strengthen the skins barrier. An anti-aging complex from soya with vitamin E, helps promote the regeneration process of the skin. Coenzyme Q10 is required to supply energy to the skins cells which aids in reducing fine lines. Argan oil and canola butter soothe the skin and help improve the suppleness. If used regular the skins elasticity improves and fine lines reduce. Skin will also appear firmer and revitalised. I really enjoyed this, no problems and if I find it again, I might pick this up.

Lacura Expert Intensive Care Anti-Age Beautifying Serum 


The Beautifying Serum, with its exclusive blue-green micro algae extract, adds protein to the skin, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother. The combination of anti-ageing properties protects and aids skin harmonisation, helping to tighten skin. Independently tested over 4 weeks, women noticed wrinkle depth reduced by up to 31%, skin regained elasticity by up to 33% and suppleness improved by up to 34% after using the Expert Beautifying Serum. The Beautifying Serum contain Aldi’s patented Mimox  X. The optimally matched active anti-ageing ingredients prevent skin cell damage and stimulate synthesis of hyaluronic acid, helping to create youthful looking and luminous skin. This I was not a fan off. But I finished this. And I have never seen this in the store again.


As lovely as it trying all these different dupes, most of them for me have misses. I am glad I tried them, and I would encourage you all to try them, as you never know you could save so much money. Unfortunately for me, most of them just did not work well enough for me !

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