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2022 challenge completed.  A year of budget skincare, is this even possible. My skin is thanks to my autoimmune medication has systemic dryness and dehydration. In addition to rosacea. I have to use very rich unperfumed products through most of the year and now I know what I need to use and buy. By budget skincare I mean. Products found on the high street or online that fall under budget. I can use La Roche Posay, Simple, Elf, Curel, Olay, L’Oréal Paris, First Aid Beauty, The Inkey List, Lumene, Deciem, Beauty Pie, Versed, Ren Skincare, The Body Shop, Vichy and Garnier. Elemis, a brand I do like, but only if the product, price or deal is what I am after. And anything else I find on the high street or in supermarkets too. What did surprise me, is how many things I still had after last year. I will also be attempting a no buy on my skincare until my stash is finished. Unless there is a special deal I normally find online.  This challenge will run from 1st April 2022 until 28th February 2023.

At the end of this 2022 challenge I had used up a lot, I have gifted a few things to family and friends. If a product did not work or I found out that it was not suitable for my skin.


I have used both cream cleansers, oil cleansers and cleansing balms this year for the 2022 challenge. I like a cleansing balm when I have worn SPF in the daytime and an oil cleanser for my hands that have SPF daily as I have vitiligo and I have to protect them.

Cleansing Balms

What I started the year with and the second photo shows what I had used by the end of the testing period. The Super Healthy Skin was passed onto a family member as not a fan.

2022 challenge

I found three I liked, from Then I Met You, Elf and The Body Shop. I did like the Versed, but not value for money.

Oil Cleansers

These were new to me, and I liked the Simple the best.

Cream and Gel Cleansers

The only ones I liked was the Elemis and La Roche Posay ones. I gave the La Roche Posay to a family member who was diagnosed with rosacea this year. I am still looking for a budget high street holy grail in both cream and gel format.

2022 challenge

Micellar Water

Used in the am, I have two in rotation, Eucerin and Simple, and they work so well. Cheaper than the the La Roche Posay that will only get in my skin is irritated.

2022 challenge

Eye Cleanser

Only thing I use on my allergic eyes is Liz Earle Eyebright, I did test a Eucerin but I just prefer the other one.

Toner And Mists

My favourites, are the Caudalie and Dr Jart. The AHC and La Roche Posay I passed onto a family member who was diagnosed with rosacea.

2022 challenge


A new introduction to my skincare, only one I liked was the Elemis, though expensive it lasted me eight months. The other two I will not repurchase.

2022 challenge


Hydration, I loved the Lumene, and on the fence if I need to repurchase this as many products have added this ingredient.

2022 challenge

My systemic dry face loves hydration. Only would repurchase five out these.

Vitamin C, I love the Elemis Superfood Oil but it is so expensive. The Beauty Pie one is good as well. The Superdrug was passed onto a family member to try.

2022 challenge

Other serums, like peptides, B5 Niacinamide, Q10.

2022 challenge

Not impressed with any of them. So not repurchasing any.

Facial oils

2022 challenge

I like the Liz Earle and the Garnier. They work so well during the cold winter months.


2022 challenge

Finished these both, along with one mask, one lip balm, and three spot stickers.

Eye Products

2022 challenge

Only ones I liked were the Loreal, and Beauty Pie’s ones.


These were to be used in the daytime, but sometimes, I would use them at night.

2022 challenge

Will only repurchase both Beauty Pies and the Toleriane range when my skin is irritated. But on the fence if only use my favourite spf.

Night Products

2022 challenge

Only see a difference with the Elemis serum. But it is very expensive.

Sun Protection

2022 challenge

2022 challenge

Used the Olay on my hands and will not repurchase as both 30SPF, and will only use the Cerave SPF 50 onwards. May just buy SPF 50 for both face, neck and hands.


I am very slowly finishing perfume. It is taking forever and I really need to just wear them even if not going outside.

Samples/Travel Sizes

Things that I test, as travel sizes are the best way for me to test on my skin. And some I take on my annual holiday that we are now slowly getting used up.


I am surprised how much skincare I have used. I would save close to seventy five percent I would not re purchase. But that is the way life goes.



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