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2021 skincare I hope to use up and finish up this year. This what I currently have in my stash.


I have too many to finish this year. Some old favourites of La Roche Posay and Cerave Hydrating. But some new ones to try. The Elemis Pro Collagen Energising does not work in the winter period. So I might save this and try it in the spring/summer period and see what happens.


I have previously used four toners in a year, and have three left in my stash. These both work so well for me, the La Roche Posay especially when I am ill over the winter period. And the Elemis has worked when my skin in fine. And do you see the spray in the Elemis bottle. Once cleaned out, I will add to the La Roche Posay. Much easier for me.


Facial Mist

My face likes a facial mist, I have dehydrated rosacea peri menopausal skin. So I often find myself during the day and night time, spraying my face. Liz Earle is a long term favourite, I love the scent. La Roche Posay is also good all year round. The others are all new to try.


Morning Eye Cream

I am not sold on eye cream still. I have not found one that is amazing and sometimes think that the serums and moisturisers I have are enough. These are what I have left to use.


Vitamin C

Now vitamin C is also now problematic for me. Since starting Skin and Me, my skin is more sensitive than normal. And some vitamin c stings. So I want to use these up and then have a hard think if I want to include this ingredient in my routine.



These are what I will testing in place of vitamin C. Q10 has worked well before. And these are what else I will be testing on my rosacea skin.


Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One ingredient that my face loves is hydration. These are what I have in my stash to finish. But I am noticed a lot of other products add this to their formulas. So depend what else I am using will depend if I need to buy this again. I do use a basic hyaluronic acid with my skin and me, and I think that will continue.

Morning Moisturiser

These are my morning moisture cream. I like a cream, and Elemis Marine Cream Ultra Rich is lovely but expensive. These 30ml get finished in six weeks. So not repurchasing that size anymore. All Elemis have a three year shelf life, so these larger size with be started in the autumn of 2021. Also the other moistures from ELF and Drunk Elephant have great ingredients. ELF has hemp seed oil, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Drunk Elephant is formulated with a complex of 9 signal peptides, pygmy waterlily stem cell extract, soybean folic acid ferment extract and acetyl glutamine. Both to be used over the spring/summer period of 2021. These can be used both day and night. The Function of Beauty will only work in the morning.

Exfoliation Pads

I am currently testing these products and I do like this. Time will tell how I will get on. But I can only use this type of product three times a week in the morning. Rosacea skin is so temperamental, you just have to listen to your skin.

Exfoliations Products

Other things I have to test is Exfoliation Toners, and some peel products. I also have two of my favourite the NIOD and Elemis.

Evening Moisturiser

With using skin and me, I can not have anything perfumed or full of other ingredients. I will be using these basic calming products that have all worked in the past on my skin. I have to be so careful.

Weekly Masks

Twice a week, I use a peel and mask. These are what I have to use up. The Elemis Marine Mask is beautiful. I am looking forward to trying the others. But they are perfumed so will have to used in the morning.


What will interesting is how my skincare stash looks like at the end of the year. How much of this is finished up. What works and will be repurchased. What will fail and be thrown away. I love trying new skincare, but I hope not to buy much as I have all of this to useup. I think I will have mists, moisturisers for both day and night still to finish in 2022. Time will tell. At the end of the year, I will write another post with what empties I have actually managed to finish.

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