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Deciem has a flagship brand called NIOD – Non-Invasive Options In Dermal Science. I tried a few pieces that interested me.

Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist

Used after my toner and before serum. This acts as a fundamental daily force against oxidative stress, water loss and the look of inflammation, all of which contribute to loss of visible skin quality over time. The size of the bottle did not work for me and my rheumatoid fingers. It is a lot to try and use up even using this am and pm over six months. Just did not like the size of the bottle, the product did not work for me. Not repurchasing.

Non Acid Acid Precursor


An non-acidic alternative to acid-based epidermal resurfacing. Instead of using direct acids like AHA/BHA or retinoids that are common in skincare, this uses fermentation bio-derivatives and amino isolates that act as precursors to skin-compatible acids, encouraging visible radiance and visible surface regularity without the redness and inflammation associated with acids. This is lovely but very expensive. One I will buy when it is on offer like black Friday events.

Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

Another product that people rave about. The formula offers a multi-dimensional approach to topical hyaluronic supplementation by combining 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds, hyaluronic precursors and a hyaluronic support technology in a peptide-charged delivery system. It offers water-based hydration and helps skin surface look plump, elastic, comfortable and uniform. I did not see any difference with this, the first time I tried it, I had a 15ml sample. Then got a 30ml bottle in Caroline Hirons Spring Kit and really enjoyed it. It is very expensive though.

Copper Amino Isolate Serum

Copper Amino Isolate Serum is a pro-repair, pro-collagen serum offers a novel approach to target all signs of skin aging indirectly. This indirect approach departs from the traditional thinking of addressing visible aspects of skin aging individually and instead forms a foundation to respect skin health. This updated product includes the addition of collagen-support peptides, Tripeptide-29, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 and Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2. The base system of CAIS2 combines mono-dispersed, plant-derived glycogen, penetration-enhancing Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3 and cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Finally, while CAIS required a neutral pH, CAIS2 is stable and effective in the pH range between 4.5 (acidic) and 7.4 (alkaline). CAIS2 does not require refrigeration. I brought a 15ml size to see how I got on. Not sure about this one. I may need to try again. But I do prefer Hylamide SubQ Skin.

Modulating Glucosides

Modulating Glucosides is a concentrated emulsion to target signs of skin sensitivity, of discomfort and of irritation. This serum reduces the looks of redness, of itching and of irritation, while helping to target stinging sensations. The formula respects skin integrity and supports hydration, skin barrier and general dermal repair. Another one I liked.


Niod is a brand I will return too.  I have a similar products from Hylamide to try first. This is my first foray into Niod and I am very impressed. I can see why they call this the gold standard of their company. One I have loved try and my rosacea skin has enjoyed using. Best time to try Niod, November when they discount for Black Friday month.

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