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I have lots of skincare products to use up. I have multi backups of my favourite Liz Earle Eyebright. Eyebright is expensive so I am on the fence unless I can find a similar cheaper eye tonic for my hayfever eyes. I was thinking of getting an acid toner, as that will exfoliate and will be harder working than a normal skin tonic. But as I now have rosacea, that is not going to possible. I have a couple of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish limited editions. Other cleansers still to use up is a Apothaka cleansing oil, and my current favourite Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser which I have been so impressed with and the price is very good too.

Skincare treatments, that I still have to use up. We will start with masks. I have Liz Earle, L’Oreal and a couple of samples to use and finish up.


I also have lots of sheet masks. These I do like but after watching some BBC documentaries last year, my thinking has changed and I just look at them as wasteful. I am aiming to finish then this year and then never re-purchase.

A couple of scrubs and exfoliate from Liz Earle and L’Oreal. But since using the glycolic acid, I do not see to be using these treatments. So I might sell some of them, time will tell. There is no point holding onto stuff that you just do not use anymore. That is such a waste of time.

Other things I have found while doing my skincare inventory. Remember I have a large cupboard full of products

I am trialing glycolic acid and started this test in January. I have glycolic pads from L’Oreal, Lacura, Nip and Fad. I do find the pads wasteful. But also still have the tonics to try and then I will write a post about the experiences.  So far not bad, but I am checking the ingredients list and not a fan of the alcohol content. Time will tell.

Aswell as the glycolic trail. I am also doing a Retinol trial. I started with an Indeed labs one and I have an Avon beginner one and Elizabeth Aden 30 capsules that I am looking forward to trying.

Lastly my moisturisers. I did not expect to have this many. But it was nice to find them and know I will not have to buy anything for a while

I thought that I had found it all and then when I was decluttering my spare bedroom, I found a box with these products.

When my cat died in March 2019, I brought these products that had been on my wish list. I do not care that I broke my no buy year for one day. I am looking forward to using them.

And lets not forget that I have all these travel samples to use up too.

Eye Products

These are the eye products that I currently have to use up.  Firstly I have six bottles of Liz Earle Eyebright. This is lovely soothing eye lotion that I have used for years and will continue too. In the summer I suffer with hayfever, and carry a travel size bottle with me, if my eyes get itchy. And then once I started on Humira for my rheumatoid arthritis,  I found all year my eyes are crusty in the morning. This is a common side effect and Eyebright works for me perfectly for these issues. There are two Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream to use up. This has already been used and once these have been finished I will not be repurchasing.  I did not feel this did anything special, and at £40 a bottle for 15ml. It is too expensive to still buy this. Clinique All About Eyes Rich I have two of these to use up. I just love this in the winter months. This is amazing for my skin and it just loves it. I will always have one every year. It is a little pricey but I just enjoy this eye cream. Another Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream, I have two of these and then once finished, I will not be repurchasing. They are nice to use but I am still trialling other eye products and they do not doing anything special for me.I have various eye masks that I have acquired over time. They are very wasteful, this is my new train of thought. So once used, unless they prove themselves, they will not be replaced. I have Soap and Glory, Garnier, Estee Lauder, Star Skin and Blaq.


Serums And Oils

These are my current serums and oils in my beauty product use up cupboard. I am trialling and using up these items, as I am trying to curated a hard working skin care routine that works for me. I never used to use serums or oils. Not until I started having professional facials when I used to go to London. But since my health took a turn for the worse. Serums are a bit of a hit and miss. These are the following that I have. They range from expensive Niod, Liz Earle, Estee Lauder to Garden Of Wisdom and The Ordinary. The one so far that my face loves is the Indeed Hydration Boost. That worked so well for me when I was travelling long haul last year.


I only have a few of these oils  to try as I am not sure that they are right for me. Again, they range from expensive ones from Liz Earle and Clarins to high street version like The Sanctuary and The Ordinary. I have had many facials at beauty salons and spas and they have also told me I needed to use one but I am not yet convinced. Time will tell when I have finished all these items up


When I did an inventory of these items alone they came to a cost of £503.70. I was pretty shocked to be honest, that is close to my mortgage payment each month. But I just have to find the right serum and/or oils for my skin care routine. It takes so long to trial and use things up. I imagine, that I will still have not finished by this time next year.


So these are my products that I still have to trial and useup. I am not sure that I need this many. What do you use, what would you recommend. There is so much information out there, I am open to any suggestions. I think that these products will be used up within the next eighteen months.

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