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Avene is a French brand for sensitive skin. Avene offers a premium range of plant-based skincare and cosmetics products that are positioned as gentle, soothing, softening and moisturising. It is particularly suited to people with sensitive skin. The brand is best known for its Avene Thermal Water – a facial spray – and its flagship product, Tolerance Extreme, which launched in in 1996 in sterile, single-use pods.  The story of Avene dates back to 1736, when the Marquis de Rocozel’s horse was said to have been relieved of its itchy skin condition after bathing in the thermal waters at the town of Avene. The brand itself was launched many years later, in 1990. I found this in one of my visits to Boots in the city close to wear I live. I picked only a couple of items.

avene avene

Micellar Lotion: I was not a fan off. It was the added fragrance that made it off putting for me. I had to throw it away. Did not work and not repurchasing

Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion: fine but not liked enough to put in my cleanser rotation.

Thermal Spring Water: nothing special, did not like this during the winter period. Prefer another brand

Skin Recovery Cream is packaged using innovative Sterile Cosmetics technology – the airtight cap keeps the contents of the product sterile throughout use. This was fine, but the packaging did not work for me, I could not control the amount of product I wanted to use. So this is a possible repurchase. A positive is that this worked well with my skin and me dose of tretinoin.


I am not running to replace any of these items. There are better things from different brands that work for me. I may return to this brand. But I question, why add fragrance if this is meant to be for sensitive skins. I do not understand this.

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