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2020 Low Buy and how I have got on. Let me remind you of my low buy goals following on from last years no buy year.

  • This will not include food, holidays, days out for content.
  • No spending on books, unless paid with vouchers or at a 99p price.
  • No beauty products as that works with my beauty product use up, but I can try spas and anything similar.
  • No new clothes I have enough to wear.


We lost our cat last month. So ill, he was put to sleep and then cremated. And another urn brought in twelve months. Its is heartbreaking to lose them both so much. Grieving is hard. I brought a few more Elemis from the Christmas sales

low buylow buy

And we also brought new kittens, which meant lots of kitten toys. This was all brought in Poundland, Home Bargains, and B&M, all discount stores.


The odd book for 99p was brought this month. Less than ten books. Still grieving and depression. Another death in our family shocked us, So nothing else brought.


More 99p books, this time the months total was fifteen. A few beauty replacements were repurchased as I had used them up and had no alternatives in my beauty cupboard.


It was another Elemis today special value day. I brought the deal, took two of the items I really wanted and sold the rest for more than I paid for. And then also brought a bargain, more than half price if I brought them separately. Two of my favourite products.

low buy 2020 low buy


Lots of infections, and my skin started to play up and get irritated. I returned to some long term favourites and some new products from La Roche Posay. This brand always works on my skin after an illness.


Lockdown month for me continued. I wanted some plants for my garden but have not got them yet. I had a shopping list for when I could go to Boots. I could have just brought them online. But sometimes you just want to see them first. I brought this set late June, at a one time only price. I have travel size of these body products to try first. If I do not like them, then I will sell these on with things from July Today Special Value deal from Elemis. This was the only thing I brought this month.


This month, Olay Retinol 24 was on offer at Boots and my mum loves this range. So I brought the serum and the day and night cream to try, and to get them for under £14.50 each was a bargain that I could not turn down.


Freed from the lockdown. And birthday month. Spent my birthday money on a few pieces of clothes. I needed bigger sizes of tops thanks to grief and lockdown.


My first hair cut in three years since my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. And I had to find haircare for my thick curly hair. I will be trying various curly girl brands to see what works on my hair.


I spent most of the month, waiting for my gum to heal. My last wisdom tooth was taken out at the local hospital. No dentist would do it, thanks to all my medication. I did buy a winters coat from Primark.


Elemis TSV not brought, did not want it. I did get a new hairdryer for curly hair, which worked so well, and got a good offer on it too.


There were two Elemis deals on QVC this month. But not buying them. But the biggest amount of money we have ever spent was a car this month. We have been talking about replacing for weeks. And we found a car before Novembers lock down, and we were lucky it meet our check list. Which we both thought was a big ask. We buy cars out right and have them a long time. Our last car was brought in 2009. And it was just time to change.


The low buy year was hard, thanks to the pandemic. I was so bored for the first seven months. And I did not buy much. With clothes and skincare now,  I taking the approach, one in one out. But still have so much to sort out in the house. This may be done next year, but who knows. Onwards to 2021.


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