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My No Buy Year finished on December 28th 2019. I did find this hard. My goals were:

  • This will not include food, holidays, days out for content.
  • No spending on books, unless paid with vouchers or at a 99p price.
  • No beauty products as that works with my beauty product use up, but I can try spas and anything similar.
  • No new clothes I have enough to wear.

In June, I was diagnosed with rosacea.  So time will tell if my skin recovers and I hope that I do not need to buy new products and can continue to use up what I have.  The same with books, I would just previously buy kindles and be disappointed. Now I will always reserve them at the library and only buy them as kindles if I love them and if the price is right. This is what happened in the last six months


Early July, I got two books that I have been waiting for in a daily deal. 99p each I am so pleased. I did not wait to pay £5+ for them.

And over the month, Amazon  had their prime week and cut lots of book prices down to 99p. I brought seventeen books at 99p pence this month and read ten of them so far. Some I am saving for when I go away this year. When I am down by the pool relaxing.


Early August, I found two more kindles price dropped so I snapped them up.

A lovely catch up with my friends at Zen Noodle Bar. And this was also my birthday month. I asked for money as there were a few beauty items that I wanted to buy. The first was from South Korea. All perfect for my rosacea skin. I have started the essence and I am very pleased with this so far.

All these French skincare was half price or more off, so I snapped it up and I am already a big fan of both these French brands.


With the last of my birthday money, I brought these new CeraVe products that were released in the UK in late August.

Boosters as I am starting with the gentler bakuchiol for a trial before returning to retinols.

These were a bargain in my local small pharmacy, on clearance so got them for half the price I would in the main beauty shops like Boots or Superdrug. Trialling Vitamin C with this brand with two more products. Everyone says that Vitamin C, Sunscreen and Vitamin A (retinols) are best for the face. Time will tell.

Late September, this book one of my favourite authors was a deal of the day kindle so I snapped this up.


This month was again, buying fifteen books with the price point of 99p each. And I also brought an amazing Liz Earle product which actually worked for me. This was the cica restore skin paste. Boots were having a 25% off deal so I brought and so impressed. I can only use it twice a week and lets hope it continues to work for my rosacea skin.


This month, we had a heating engineer as we were having trouble with our boiler. We have lived in the renovated home for nine years. Thankfully, one of my husband friends told us about Worcester lifetime repair. We did end up paying £275 but that included labour over three hours and parts. The engineer told us, that he had replaced nearly everything in it. And that we had a good deal. So thankfully that is fixed. And we also brought me a mobility scooter. With the inflammation on now both sides of my legs, toes and neck. I can not walk about even to the local shops without pain. I use this to get to the library, doctors and pharmacy. I avoid most shops like the plague. I am on a strict no buy.


With a trip to Spain, I managed to find a spring, autumn jacket, as my current one is falling apart. But then I have had this since 2015. On the rare days that I have been in Chelmsford city centre. I had been looking but with no luck. I knew that I would have to wait until spring next year.  I also need some new jeans or lose some weight, which again will be difficult with Christmas coming up and the fact that I have problems with both legs. Time will tell.  So I have not spent much money apart from lunches with friends and Christmas presents for people. I also had to pay out of £500 on tests to see what the matter with my cat was. But to us, it was money well spent, and we are now paying for chemotherapy for our beloved cat. I also brought some more of A Florence Skincare Super Serum in the boxing day sale. I got 20% off. So why not buy it now, when you are going to be buy it in a couple of weeks anyway.


This has made me question lots of things in my life.

  • I will continue to wait for books at the library. I am especially pleased to get so many new books out of my library. This I keep a eye on. I have to reserve and check as soon as the library list the new book so that I am closer to the top of the list.  And only if I enjoy the book will I then buy them as reduced kindles.
  • I do not need to buy beauty products unless they fit into my routine. Only buy skincare when it is on offer. My beauty product useup will continue into 2020.

I want less stuff, and I do not need expensive products unless they work properly, the Dyson proved that to me. I have more than enough things at home that I appreciate and I do not need to waste so much money on things I buy anymore.  I am so pleased that I did this and will continue to take on board waiting for things to be the right price for me. My no buy year will continue into next year too and the principles will carry on for the rest of my life.

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