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2024 skincare to finish. Some old favourites and some new skincare to try and see if it reacts on my rosacea skin. Some many old favourites stopped working well last year. Either as I am getting older or because I am getting ill so much more.


A holy grail for me and my allergy prone eyes. Will always have these and when they go on offer, like Boots £10 Tuesday deals will buy multiples.

Micellar Water

I only have one of these left, as I find that washing my face in my morning shower works so well for me. I will only have one in my stash. This is the cheapest and the best one for my rosacea skin.


Not sure, I am a fan of toner wiped across the face anymore. Will finish these up, if I can convert any to mists then I will but may not buy these again.


Caudalie and Liz Earle are holy grails. So will always have these in my stash. Just one new one to try and that came in a skincare box. But it is a budget range.

AM Eye Cream

Two new ones and my holy grail from L’Oreal that just works well.

Hydration Serum

Want to use these up and maybe not buy again. Newer products have these ingredients, so no need to buy.

Vitamin C Serum

Sali Hughes a new favourite and an one other that came in a skincare box. Worked fine.

Peptide Serums

Found holy grails from AHC and Boots Future Renew. These are all my favourites.

Morning Moisturiser

One summer favourite and four new ones to try 2024 skincare


All new to try, will these be hydrating enough that I do not need a morning moisturiser?

Cleanser PM

This contains, cleansing balms, cleansing oils and cream cleansers.

Eye PM

I like a retinol eye product, one new to test, two old favourites

Serums PM

Evening serums to finish

Moisturiser PM

More than I thought I had. Some new to test, some favourites from last year.

Facial Oils

Two favourites, two new to try.

Neck & Chest Products

These work so well on my neck and chest. I use them both am and pm.

Azelaic Acid

Two new products to test on my rosacea skin.


I do not exfoliate my skin much. Especially being so ill last year, my skin is too sensitive to do this. So all still in date, and hope to use them this year. Sali Hughes Placid has been tested last year and it is good value for money.

Skincare When Ill

Holy grails when ill. New to test against the Toleriane Serum is the new product from The Ordinary.

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