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Toxic food and cosmetics are challenging me this month I found this app called Yuka. This app is a free download, and is a 100% independent application. This means that product evaluations and recommendations are completely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence. It assigns a score of 0-100. O being the worst and 100 being the best. They rate products under excellent, good, poor or bad. You scan the item using your phone, if you are interested. The bar code on the food, or the packaging. The same with the cosmetics/beauty items.

Food is evaluated by three objective criteria;

  • Nutrition Quality
  • Presence Of Additives
  • Organic Aspect Of The Product

Cosmetics are evaluated by analysis of ingredients. Each ingredient is given a risk score based on scientific data.

My Results


I checked some of my food, I did find some bad products. A surprise was my sliced beetroot and tomato juice. The sliced beetroot has a risky additive. the juice was down to the calories. Other bad products were not a surprise but I will not stop buying them, but it is only six of them.

Yuka App

This was all the food I could find with barcodes in my pantry and freezer.

Yuka App

Food swaps that I have already undertaken. They came out as good or excellent even the burgers !


This was the bigger shock, out of my stash I found eighty five products were under poor/bad. Only thirty five were in the excellent/good sections. With only eight of them being 100/100. This was a shock to me. However, if a product was in the poor/bad rating, They gave recommendations of products that are better for you.

Yuka App

100 Points Products

I was pleased to find a few products that had 100 points meaning nothing bad in them. Some of them are already long term favorites.

Yuka App

Future Goals

Try and only buy products that are in the excellent category and/or have 100/100 points.

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