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Plans for 2020 are again much the same as last year. Still not well enough to look for a job. And I am just pleased to get last year out of the way. My husband and I both agree that it was the worst year of our lives. And we have been together since 1992. So that says something.

Travel To One New Country Per Year

I am putting of travelling abroad for some time. I am just not enjoying it anymore. And to be honest, the coronavirus that has been discovered worries me. I have a condition with a lower immunity. Every winter, I pick up so many bugs from my husband who works in London.  I always get them worse than him. I may go away with my mum later in the year. But nothing has been planned. My husband is not a fan of a cruise, a pool holiday. So the only place I can think off is Estonia. A long weekend depending on my health.

plans 2020

In two minds, if I will go back to Spain for our winter break, if so this time we are exploring Granada.

plans 2020

Travel To One New County A Year

plans 2020

Plans are already discussed to visit Windsor Castle after the renovation works is finished. So a trip to Windsor in the county of Berkshire will be accomplished. In addition, birthday weekend in Bristol for the Balloon Festival, weather permitting !

Home Plans

Declutter more, still have so much to sort out. Life took a strange turn for me last year, with grief and the problems with my health. I am determined to finish clearing our the loft, get the garden more manageable for me. Declutter the bedrooms, the list in endless but one day I hope to have done everything.

Continue Beauty Product Useup And No Buy Year I still have a lot of products to use up and I do not miss buying things as much as I used too. I am happy to maybe trial any travel size products and see if they work. It is a hit and miss procedure but I have already found my holy grail of cleansers, hyaluronic acids ! I do want to especially clear this shelf of travel size products. I will start to use them as I have finished with my current skincare until there are used up or throw away if they react with my skin.

plans 2020

Continue Book Challenge that I failed with last year. I never touched any of those books in the boxes. If I do not want to read them, then just give them to charity. A new challenge will be to read the hundreds of books I brought as bargains (99p) on my kindle that I have not got around to reading.

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