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2023 skincare challenge is finished. Not been able to use the old favourites but hopefully find new ones. But only buy replacements when they are on offer and finished everything I currently have in my stash. Brands I can use are; Lumene, Garnier, The Body Shop, Elf, Simple, Beauty Pie. This challenge will run from April 1st 2023 to March 31st 2024. Things also have to good value for my money. My cleansers have to be under £10 unless my favourite expensive is on a good deal. The same for serums and moisturisers. Morning moisturisers in future with either only be SPF 50 or a beauty pie version.

Morning Products


A long term favourite for my morning allergy eyes. The first photo shows what I had, the second photo what I use up.

skincare challenge 2023

Micellar Water

skincare challenge 2023


skincare challenge 2023 skincare challenge 2023

These are my favourite am and pm eye products

Morning Serums

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides are my serums in the morning

Morning Moisturisers

Some with sun protection, some without. In the summer, I will probably just use SPF 50.

Evening Cleansing

I use either a cleansing balm or oil on my face, neck and hands, then follow with a gel or cream cleanser

Evening Serums

I am testing retinol serums, to see if my sensitive skin accepts it. Taking it very slowly.

Evening Moisturisers

These are my favourite so far, Lumene and ELF.

But this year, my face changed. The Lumene started to fail on my face. It took forever to sink into my skin. I passed one onto a family member to trial.

Evening Facial Oils

Liz Earle Superskin is lovely, and the Revolution is new to test.


This includes, exfoliations like peel pads, peels. Masks, and emergency products that work when flaring. Always have it in my stash, as my face can react at any time.

If I finish all these before my skincare challenge 2023 is finished, I am ready have a little stash. These are my latest buys and new storage boxes system. I found these in B&M and they fit in my bedside tables. It also means that I do not need to have a large stash and work so well.


Sun care should be in a tube, I really felt that spf in a jar did not work for me this past summer. Not buying spf if in a jar anymore. I still like most of my favourites from previous years. But so disappointed that my skin is changing as I get older, and rejecting so much. But what can you do.

I also did not use as much skincare last year. Was ill with shingles and even after discharged from hospital. I was on such strong medication, that I was passed out and not with it much. This was over six to ten weeks without having the energy to use anything and my skin reacting to the illness in my body.

I like products with multi uses like the L’Oreal Revitalift Clinical SPF 50 which also have vitamin C in this. One product for two uses. And in winter this year, my rosacea skin liked a facial oil instead of a moisturiser. I want to stream line my stash and I have done this but want to do more.


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