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Disney in 2019. Well this brand for me is one of my favourites. With my no buy year in place. I avoided all the usual places that I would find Disney merchandise – Primark, Cath Kidston, The Disney Store. I really do not need anything as I have so much stuff. This year, I just watching the films.

This year,

Captain Marvel I was a little disappointed with. I was expecting a lot and it just did not meet my expectations. But I am looking forward to seeing her return in Avengers Endgame.

In April, I also received this Blu ray steel book. I have been collecting the Disney, Pixar and Marvel steel books for years. I had forgotten that I had ordered this. I then ordered Captain Marvel as that will be out later on this year.

Dumbo just made me feel sad. This again was nothing special for me.

I booked tickets for this as soon as they were released. I had to know what was going to happen next. A three hour movie awaited me. And it was amazing, it made me laugh, cry and I was so pleased with the ending for my favourite character. This is the end of an era for me !

disney 2019

Aladdin I really enjoyed aswell. This to me was classic Disney and was a good live adaption.

disney 2019

Toy Story 4 was lovely to catch up with these beloved characters. I enjoyed the updated Barbie, and Keanu Reeves joining as Duke. But I did feel this was lacking in much for Buzz Lightyear.
disney 2019

Spiderman Far From Home was a really well thought out clever story. This was nice ending to phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I really enjoyed this film.

disney 2019

The Lion King again was lovely. But I do prefer the original animation one. Not sorry to admit that !


Frozen II was alright, I just love all these characters. But I did not enjoy the story line. But you can not like them all!

This photo frame and trinket dish are fell in love with. These were from Primark and the Disney Store. These were the only Disney item that I brought and I do not regret this.


And looking forward to adding Disney + to my streaming sites. It is coming to the UK on 31st March 2020. I can not wait.  In conclusion, I saved a lot of money buy not getting any of the extras that always follow any Disney movie. I will still collect the steelbook blu rays editions. But that is all.

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