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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer has been in sights since it was released in 2016. I have also wanted to try but the price was too much for me. Now that I can not travel, I used to always compare this cost to a weekend in Europe I found this deal at QVC  with the diffuser and stand attached.


With six payments and a thirty day money back guarantee on purchases. It ticked all the boxes, as I wanted a different colour from the standard fuchsia one. I ordered the black one and waited for it to arrive.  My hair takes over four hours to dry naturally. I have thick curly hair and most hair dryers just make my hair fuzzy. I have not got on with any hairdryers in the past.

So I used this twice. I wash my hair with my function of beauty shampoo and then use a leave in conditioner. Then I tried using the cool temperature functions. And although it definitely reduced the drying time from four hours to twenty minutes. But it made my hair frizzy and I had my day three look. I have to wash my hair on day three and it lasts well enough with my curls to be kept down until this day. The weight of it was also an issue for me. With my rheumatoid hands, I did find it quite heavy. I had to prop myself up in our office and dry my hair and this would have worked for me. If the hairdryer worked for me. Unfortunately, it did not and I am glad I tried it. I have been wanted to try this since it first came out it 2016. But for me it really is not worth the money. Maybe one day, in years to come I will found a hairdryer that does work as none have done so yet.


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