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2020, my year in review. And what a year, a once in a century pandemic. Thank goodness for social media, and streaming.


This first month I was grieving for my beloved cat. I missed him so much. To try and take my mind off him. I got lots of John Sandford books out of the library. I finished the Virgil Flowers series, but that is only twelve stories so far. And got halfway through the thirty books of the Lucas Davenport series. I also started to use up the many travel sizes of beauty products that I have been holding onto. There is no point of keeping things if you do not try them. I am glad I started this, as I was able to get rid and know that I would never ever buy again about three quarters of them. At the end of the month, we brought home our new cats.



I again, spent most of time with my new kittens and when they slept. This is about 16 to 20 hours a day, I would read. I finished the Lucas Davenport series and really enjoyed them. Anniversary lunch at Fowlers Farm in Braintree.


Another death in our family that shocked us. Not much reading at all. The Covid 19 pandemic arrived and the country was shut down. Self isolation for weeks ahead is no fun. My parents, best friend and I are all in the high risk categories.  So we could only talk over the internet and not spend any time together.


Still the UK is under the lockdown thanks to Covid 19. And the sun is coming out. I ventured into my garden to finish a few jobs and get it ready for when I can get a landscaper to do some work for me. And try and make it easier for me as my RA makes me unable to do a lot. We removed a flower bed to expand the path for my mobility scooter.



The UK is still under lockdown. I did not do much. I watched more Korean shows, and I am still enjoying them more than UK ones. I had a clear out of my beauty cupboard. So it only holds; cleansers both cream and oil, bath and body, hair, perfume products. I sold on quite a few, I threw away a few and gifted some too. I now have two shelves in my study and everything is in date order. The date I need to use this up by. This helps me more as I know what I have and know what I do not need to get yet. I want to have one spare product on my shelf. Not three or more in the future.



The UK government advise is that I can now go outside once a day but have to still shield. Not going into shops or around family or friends. So I went out once. We got to Macdonalds once.  Then the weather turned cold, so back inside with the heating on. This year of 2020, seems passing quickly for me. More bad news with my family, another piece of upsetting news about my aunt. This year is looking to be another bad one. And something interesting, I tried to sort through some films to decide whether to keep or sell. When watching the first one, could not see with or without my glasses. So I went to Specsavers (when it was reopened), and thanks to being on PIP benefit.  I got these glasses with varifocals for £50.50 the cheapest pair of glasses that I have ever brought.



I finally saw my best friend in the flesh. He came around to see me. It is fine chatting via whatsapp but sometimes, it is nice to see people. Back to reading. Some of my favourite authors released new books or I finally got them from the library this month. Weather a bit hit and miss again. But two hospital appointments this month, my bone scan and then the results. Which devastated me. Life is going to be getting harder for me and my condition.



Birthday month, we went to a few places that we hoped would be quiet at the weekend. I personally loved Ardleigh Reservoir. This was so peaceful. But not much else. A lot of health things, like new medication, another tooth appointment via the telephone to get my wisdom tooth removed.  And I finally went to eat in a couple of restaurants this month. Not my favourites, but with my favourite people, husband and best friend.


This month was hair cut, blood tests. Having to have fortnight ones is not nice if you hate needles.  And it was also the first month that my husband was not here. He went to Portugal for a motorbike track event. It was nice to have him gone for a few days but even nicer when he returned. It was just me and my cats. And my mum went away too. I am too minds to go away. I just want a Covid 19 vacinne.


The beginning of this month. I had my last wisdom tooth extracted. Very dangerous for someone who is on the medication that I take. During the process, I was even had my vital signs monitored during the procedure. Some of my past medication could affect my jaw bone. I was taking an anti-resorptive drug, such as a bisphosphonate or denosumab, that might affect your jaw bone. There is a very small risk for developing a condition called medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ). This may result in some bone becoming exposed in your jaw and is a rare side effect of treatment with these drugs. It was the alendronic acid that I took throughout 2017/2018 and I had no idea that this drug stays in your blood system for up to five years later. But I had no problem with the extraction but rather the recovery. I was ill for the first twelve days. Even having to phone 111 and told to go to hospital when you can not eat or drink without pain is scary. My sixth medication worked and finally trying to get back to my normal. This month, I have suffered with wisdom extraction pain, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms while off medication, sugar detox over two weeks, and then finally acid reflux thanks to me over dosing on ibuprofen to get through pain. This month has been horrible for me


Another lockdown meant not seeing friends for lunch. Also planned days out cancelled too. Only thing I did was food and library run. Oh how I wish that Covid 19 would be gone. Three vaccines announced is such good news. I am high risk, so I will be having one, when I am allowed too. I did meet my best friend for a park lunch – I had not seen him since August. Even though we chat online all the time. Its lovely to see him in the flesh.


My mental health was suffering with something that happened to me in the past. My mum took back to where it was and I did what I call the walk. The last part in the alleyway still gets me. But it was nice to bump into my old friend, who still works at the supermarket that I did while at school and university. And mid month, before we were lockdown again. We brought a replacement car from Southend Audi. It was the most money, we have ever spent in one go. My husband said, there is no point holding onto it. We have been talking about replacing our car for months. Then a variant of Covid 19 meant us in Essex, were put in Tier 4. Another lockdown at least until it is reviewed on the 30th December. But I do not think we will be out of it. What a year !

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