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Future travel plans for me. Testing my rheumatoid body to travel this year. Last year, we went to Santander, but it was a bit of a disaster. We had very late flights, which took so much out of me. Did not help that my husband was very ill with a nasty cough. He would cough all night, I never got a decent night sleep for the four nights we were there in October 2022. The flight was only two hours, so I am doubling that this for 2023.

I am flying four hours during day time on both outward and return flights. I researched all the flights from Stanstead, which is our local airport. We could have got flights cheaper at either very early or very late times. My body can not deal with either of those. So I booked the best flights for me, and we paid the extra. I am thinking, that I may add an extra two hours on my holiday for 2024 taking it too six hours, which is from Stansted to Dubai. We have already been there and have no interest in staying there again. I could use this a lay over. Spend a couple of days there to re ground myself and make sure my health is fine. Then either fly or find a cruise that works for us both.

He mentioned long holidays when he gives up work, when we get to retired age. He even said that cruising might work for us. I have already found some dream cruises. My first one would be over to Florida.

future travel plans

Where do I want to travel too, my goals are a few places in European cities that I have not got too. And few places in Spain, I feel I need to re visit. Different cities in countries I have already been too.

I also have to be mindful with what is going on in the world. Finland and Sweden and Ukraine will not be visited until tensions around the world have got better.


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