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A dream cruise back to back to Dubai. The reason to leave and return to Dubai, is they are the closest airport to my UK base of Stansted airport. And a flight time of about seven hours is probably the most I can do in my current state of ill health. I know for sure I can not do more, as my last long haul flights to Vietnam, and then the Argentina and Brazil trip in 2018.

I found this cruise from Dubai for January 2020.

dream cruise

And then I would spend five further weeks visiting Indonesia, the orangutans in Sabah, Malaysia, The Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, before returning to Singapore to cruise back with this cruise. I would be unable to travel north to visit Taiwan, China and South Korea as it would be far to cold for me. The cold weather really affects me, so that is just not possible.

dream cruise

I think this trip would be one a lifetime and cost with international flights, food, hotels, experiences, to about £10,000. But to cruise to and from Asia would be amazing for me. I hope when I have the funds that I can still book this. I will keep my eye out for this every year. It would be amazing visiting over thirteen countries. This is a dream cruise for me !

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