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Egypt keeps coming back to me, I have not finished with this country yet. There is still things I would like to see and experience, namely a Nile cruise. I have also wanted to visit Abu Simbel and see this with my own eyes. I think due to reading my grandmother’s Agatha Christie book The Death On The Nile just interested me. I would love to experience the Nile but do it my way. I like the idea of a Nile cruise but would it work for me. I am also thinking of flying in the capital and them flying or driving to other areas.

In Aswan, visit the Kalabsha temple.

I would also like to spend some time in Luxor exploring these sites, The Court Of Amenohis III and Queen Hatshepsut temple. There is so much history to find in Egypt.

And my mother has never seen the Pyramids in the flesh. So if I return I will probably visit with her. Just so she can experience them.

Egypt is just such a lovely place. I have already been twice already and can not wait to return one day ! I also recently found out that my great grandfather was stationed in Egypt by the Pyramids during the First World War, I was going through some old family photos that I found and there he was. It was lovely to see I am following in their footsteps.

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