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This is my top five places in the world to see for myself. The following pictures are places that I just want to visit I do not know why I just do. I am saving a few for my around the world trip but others who knows. You have to set goals for yourself. I will visit all these places in my future. That is a promise to myself !

Iguassu Falls in both Brazil and Argentina would be amazing. To see this in its natural state.

top five

Whitehaven Beach in Australia has been in my top five since the last time I visited Australia.

.top five

St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia has been in top five since high school.

The Treasury in Jordan this would be amazing to see.

top five

Hill Of Crosses in Lithuania, no idea why I want to see this so much.

top five

I really hope that I get to visit this five places. Some I will easily be able to book and experience. Others maybe not. Who knows what is in our futures ! I just know that if I ever get redundant, some of the money will be going on booking some of these trips. They will be just dream trips for me I know.

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