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Another wanderlust country is Japan. I would fly to Tokyo and spend some time exploring the sites including the Imperial Palace.

I would have a unique stay in a Ryokan, which is a traditionally styled Japanese Inn  with Tatami matting floors, futons and low tables. I am so looking forward to trying this out.

And I would love to try out the bullet train. But to where as this trip would be a long way off. I will keep my options open !

And I would to see Mount Fiji in the flesh on a clear day – lets hope so !

And another place I would like to visit is the Miyagi Zao Fox Village. Where you can find over six species of foxes in a forest in an enclosed area.

And in China, I feel in love with bamboo so I would have to visit Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, just look at it !

And more animals to spend time with would be the deer at Nara Deer Farm

And how could I forget Disneyland Tokyo !

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