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Well 2020 was another horrible year for everyone probably. Plans for 2021 are what they were for last year. Still not well enough to look for a job. And I am just pleased to get last year out of the way. But I think that until the world gets a vaccine for Covid 19. Life will remain the same.


I am playing a few trips around the UK and Ireland. My mum and me are planning a trip to Liverpool, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Ireland. I really hope this get done, as I will meeting up with one of my oldest friend in this world. She lives in Dublin, and I have known her since I was ten years old

We are planning to take the ferry to Northern Ireland, we are taking her car so we can drive at our own pace around Ireland and return via Wales. Where I hope to visit Bristol on the way back. But this we depend how the Covid 19 pandemic and vaccine works.

Hopefully my birthday trip from last year happens. The Big Cat Sanctuary was postponed and rescheduled. I hope this goes ahead.

In the autumn, my mum, sisters, nephews and niece are planning a trip to Blackpool and leaving the husbands at home.

It all depends on the Covid vaccine if I am able to travel overseas. Last year was one of the few years I have not flown anywhere. But I was not risking my health during a once in a lifetime pandemic. I am talking my mum into a trip to Cyprus, and my husband to Spain for an annual winter sun. We have done that the last few years before Covid 19.


I will keep my eye out for the Elemis today special value deals and will be selective on what I buy. I am continuing beauty product useup. I still have a lot of beauty products to use up this year. All my skincare is in date order, which makes it easier to use things up before they go off. I will probably buy the odd thing. No buy will again be a low buy. This picture shows my beauty shelf, that I hope to clear at the end of 2021.  My clothes last year, was one out, one in. I may have another clear our during this year.


On my instagram, I am going to try and keep a accurate book read tally. I love reading and I interested to find out how many books I do read in a year. There are some weeks that I go off it. But hopefully I will have a good idea.


There was discussion about new medication for my rheumatoid arthritis. But I do not want to go on a monthly iv. So time will tell what will happen. I hope to have the Covid 19 vaccine in the first three months of 2021. Then I hope that the rest of the world gets it soon too.


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