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My annual year in review. It was an a mixed year for me. My illness took over most of the year and this was such a disappointment. I was on so much pain relief and being signed off for over twelve months meant no or little travel or days out. But what can you do, your health comes first and you have to listen to your body and your doctors.


This started with a trip to London to explore Brick Lane and another trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. More meals out in Chelmsford trying out Ask Italian. But as the weather was bad I stayed at home doing so much needed home things that I have been putting off for some long.


This started again with illness. Tendonitis flared up in my opposite arm to last year. So this was very painful. I had a few things booked that I could not get to including the Magical Lantern Display at Chiswick House, the Snowdrops at Eaton Lodge, and a trip to London. It was a little disappointing but your health has to comes first.


So since February I was signed off for two months. This meant physiotherapy – when you pay a fortune for someone to physically hurt you – my brain can still not get around that. I spent this month dosed up to my eyeballs watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Although, the first painkillers I was prescribed made me sleep for around eighteen hours a day. By April, the doctor finally got me on different medication. This made me dizzy and I had bruises every week as I kept falling over. It is a very slow process getting better.


I was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and finally being put on steroids to get my pain levels better. So I started to go out, I went to London a few times. But I was not on the right level so those days were short and wasted. And I went to China and I feel in love but had limitations. As my doctor told me, China is challenging when you are 100% and you are not even at 50%. Each city that I visited, Beijing, Xian and Chengdu I loved. I am planning one day to return as this trip was amazing.


Having had steroid injections and still being on the steroid tablets meant that my inflammation is slowly getting better. I still have very low energy levels, and my pain comes and goes at odd times and my sleep is still very bad. I have finally started hospital treatment. So lets hope that it works for me and I can get on a treatment programme and get my life back on track.  I tried out Byron Burgers in Chelmsford, went to the Beauty and The Beast Afternoon Tea with my family and went to Slovenia for the first time.


Having to reduce my steroid tablets is hard work. These pills have been the only thing that has worked. And not taking so many, my pain and inflammation returns by lunch time. And I am on new pills, but these will take twelve weeks to kick in. And that is going to be by August bank holiday. We went to Berlin, Germany for the weekend ever though I was not well enough and also my husband had a motorbike accident the weekend before. We were not a fan, but you can not like them all. I also only managed a family trip to Jimmy’s farm with my nephew and niece.


So my birthday month, I was meant to be staying over in Brighton and seeing the Balloon Festival in Bristol, but due to my health taking a back step. And having to return to steroid injections and pills, everything was cancelled. The only thing I managed to do was spend an hour at Lakeside on my actual birthday. Two fare ups meant a quiet month at home, trying to deal with my pain and waiting for new pain relief to kick in. Who knew that some pills take over three months to actually work !


We went to Madrid, Spain. This city I have wanted to visit for some years and it did not disappoint. My visit was a bit hit and miss but I did enjoy myself. Then I went to Friends Fest in Chelmsford, that was fun. I then went back to watching all ten series of the show and that was good for my mental health.


My mum and I took advantage of the Bank Holiday sale and got flights to Rome, Italy for less than £40 return. This was her first visit and we had amazing weather. Again a bit hit and miss for me. Only managed to get out in the mornings as the afternoons I was sleeping all the time.


My health problems meant our winter break was cancelled. The only thing I managed to do was celebrate my husband’s birthday by going out for lunch. We went to the Green Man, in Little Waltham. And the food was amazing, it is a new favourite and I can not wait to return !


I missed London at Christmas ! Also, my friend and I went to France. We went to experience Disneyland Paris at Christmas and it was amazing. Although again, I could only spend a few hours there, I loved it ! More coming up in the New Year.

This year has been so disappointing for me. I have had some amazing highs with my trip to China and Madrid both places I have been dreaming about for years. But then had some lows with my health both physically and mentally and my families health in December. My health issues have restricted me so much. And in the autumn they just got worse. I really hope I get better in the New Year – Fingers Crossed !

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