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2021, my year in review. I like doing these posts, as I have a record of what happens in my life.


This month, we were mortgage free. I had a goal to do this before we turned fifty. But we did it nine years earlier. The UK’s third lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic was announced on the 4th January. Tried a new prescribed retinol called tretinoin and did not effect my skin much. Very impressed with the Skin and Me service. But I should have waited and used up the retinols that I had on my beauty shelf. I had the Covid 19 vaccine as I was in the extremely vulnerable group. I was called the same day, someone in my immediate family had it and asked about me, as I was in the higher priority group. Except I was not well enough and within two days, my temperature had dropped down and I had it on the last Friday off the month.


My hair cut was booked, I had previously had this booked in early and late December. And lockdowns meant this was cancelled both times. But we are still in lockdown so it did not happen for a third time. It was also our twenty wedding year anniversary. We had to make do with a Macdonalds takeaway, we had previously planned to be in The Maldives again. But not to be. But this month, I have been ill for four weeks with four illness. Love having a low immune system not. And I was contacted by the Health Secretary by both email and letter telling me to shield until March 31st 2021.


More shielding. Not doing much except reading, sleeping. Nothing interesting to report. Except on April 1st – FREEDOM


Shielding has ended. Not until the Easter holidays were over, did I venture into Chelmsford city centre. I only got clothes from Primark. It was just nice to see shops open. A bit strange with both Debenhams and Top Shop gone. And I finally got a haircut that I have wanted since December.


Finally a clear new path in my mindset. I went to Ikea and found this bedroom set, and just wanted this for my home. I already have the dressing table in my bedroom, the drawers I have had my eye on for a long time and just need a new wardrobe. But before I can order and change this. I need and have started a big declutter. I also read this article about minimalism and watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix. For me, its not about getting rid of everything I own. But having a good look at what I have, and why I need for my future. So far this month, I have giving to charity over twenty six bags and not finished yet.


Met my Dad for the first time since December. We went to a Tiptree tea room on the coast, and it was lovely to be by the sea again. Other than that we have had some hot weather and I have continued to declutter two bedrooms. Highlight of the month going to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. I booked this as my birthday present last year but this was postponed due to the pandemic.


This month was all about Marvel and problems with my skin. I finally got around to watching all three Marvel series on Disney Plus. I also finally got to go the cinema for the first time since May 2019 and pre pandemic. My best friend and I watched Black Widow. I struggled with the stairs and my varifocal lenses. My skin was very irritated again, I found I was using a cleanser, serum and moisturiser all with niacinamide, and I think my face felt it was too much. Back to basic skincare and no serums for this month. And I finally got my new meds for my rheumatoid arthritis. Hope this new one works, six months to be fully affected.


Birthday month that I was so looking forward too. Had some many plans to meet up with family and friends and have a little trip away. However Covid 19 put paid to it all. With the disease affecting people in my family and friend group. Everything was cancelled and I was angry with this. Then the situation in Afghanistan shocked me so much. It reminded me of what happened in Vietnam . Still decluttering and now a new goal to lose weight. Eating better and fasting for twelve hours, was working well.


Meet up with another old friend, who I have been unable to see since December 2019. It was lovely to see her. Still decluttering the bedrooms. With my condition, I get so tired all the time. So I do what I can and rest until my body feels like it can do more. I also have a date when I can make physical changes. I have completed emptied one wardrobe ready to go to charity. That was a weight of my mind. End of the month, I had to go to A&E at the local hospital. I was very ill with a nasty chest infection.


Health still bad for most of the month. A decision was made that I had to stop going out so much. But I only went to the supermarket and library most of the time. Spent seven days in bed. I have to put my health first. Then a week after getting better from my chest infection. One of my front teeth feel out. Researching it is quite common to lose teeth with rheumatoid arthritis medication. In addition, to have weaken bones and losing hair too. This is just another thing I have to deal with. And then our car that we only brought last December was stolen. What scum does this to a disabled person and from a disabled parking bay ?


Still so angry with the theft of our one and only car. Not been this angry since my knife attack in 1992. We decided to get more security which can only be good for the future. First up was CCTV. And this started to make me feel safer. I still want to move from this estate. But we do not want to get a mortgage to do so. So we are saving up and one day we will leave.


Meet up with my best friend who I had not seen in the flesh since May. We do talk over whatsapp a lot. Finished my bedroom decluttering, and got my things sorted out. I love having more space. Now to settle down for Christmas. And semi shielding until spring 2022. I rarely go out and that is fine. As with another variant of the pandemic, I do not want to catch it.

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