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This year my personal goals are

  • Declutter more
  • Continue product useup
  • Read more and stop buying books
  • Clean life is a healthy life
  • Travel slower
  • No buy year


goals 2019

In the kitchen, my cupboards need a good clutter and streamlined. This is how a few of them look at the moment. I also want to start on the lounge but my biggest challenge is our loft. This has to be done in the winter, spring, autumn months. It gets far too hot in the summer to do this. So this will only be decluttered, if I am physically able too. But one day I wrote a list of everything I wanted to get done in our home and I have not yet finished thinking about it. So let hope that I get some of the list done while at home waiting for the medication to work and for my broken wisdom tooth to be extracted at hospital. As no local dentist will remove it due to all my medication.


Last year, I kept a total of the number of books I brought to read. It was over a hundred and I also kept a total of the number of books I had read it was less than half. So I need to read those books, that I have brought and not had a chance to read. My kindle has over 897 books at the moment. And I will only buy if with any gift vouchers, if it is my favourite authors, or if it is a kindle deal. I have to stop buying books to read later !


I am still using up beauty products so I stopped myself buying things unless I really really want them. I did not get anything in the Christmas/New Year sales. And I was fine with that.

goals 2019

Mrs Hinch on Instagram has given me lots of tips for cleaning my house. And that is a long term goal, get into a proper routine and it should make my life easier. But this has to wait for the decluttering.

goals 2019

Watching both Drowning In Plastic and Stacey Dooley Investigates has made me question my lifestyle and choices. And is making me think about my travel options. Women are treated terrible in the world and I am not sure that I want to visit places like that. So having a long hard think about where we want to visit during our free time.

goals 2019

I am taking a break from travelling due to starting new medication for my rheumatoid arthritis. Then I will try a city break but I need to do restful trips. I can not do touring holidays unless I book them independently. So that I can put rest days in the itinerary.

I am also going to try a no buy year. At Christmas, I was asked what I would like as presents. And I did not need anything. Because I have so much stuff. The no buy will not include food, holidays or days out for content.  No spending on books, unless vouchers or 99p price.  No beauty products as that works with my beauty product use up. No new clothes, I have enough to wear.

So lets see how this year goes. I really do not know what is going to happen. So many things are up in the air. But I do always see that “what will be, will be”. No one can guess our futures.

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