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Travel plans for 2019. I am being put on new medication for my rheumatoid arthritis this year. So I am giving myself some time to adapt to this and not travelling as much as I did last year. I also need to start looking for a job when and if my health improves. And I do not have a crystal bowl so no idea when this will be. We have also are thinking of making a big financial contribution to pay our mortgage off. So there will no long haul trips this year. This is fine with me, as last year, the long haul trips were too much for my health.

Short Haul

I am hoping to go back to Spain with my husband for a short visit. But where and when we are still deciding, Autumn or Winter again?

There are many options, Malaga and Granada, Jerez, Cadiz and Gibraltar, Bilbao, Salamanca and Seville. At this stage of my life, I do not know where or when we are returning but we are.


In the UK, this year I am determined to get to Bristol. I am hoping to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge – I have a thing for bridges !

And visit the Bristol Aerospace to visit the last Concorde

And experience the Bristol International Balloon Festival

And take our drone to see the White Cliffs Of Dover, I have wanted to too this for such a long time.

Cambridge again, still not got there

I hope to visit Margate and spend some time here.

And I hope to be able to get to London on my own like I used too if I am physically able too. And meet up with friends, so fingers crossed that I can !

We have also said, we want to take our drone out and experience various places around the south east. So lets see how this year goes with my health.

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