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Function of Beauty Hair Care was my wedding anniversary gift this year. My husband asked if I wanted flowers this year but I asked for this instead. After nine days, my own customised hair care has arrived. It is the ultimate in customised hair care. The quiz asked about everything from my hair type and structure to my goals for it, along with what colour I wanted my concoctions to be and what scent I wanted and even how intense I wanted that scent to be. The products arrived with my name printed on them, which I thought was a nice touch along with a breakdown of what’s in the bottles.


The brand is based in the US, yet shipping did not take that long only nine days, and there was no customs fees to pay either. When my package arrived, it came presented in a gift box and inside were the shampoo, conditioner, two pumps, a sheet of stickers to decorate my bottles and an information card detailing my hair profile along with my hair goals and the fragrance I opted for Floral. It also provides me with my personalised regime and how my customised shampoo and conditioner ingredients will help me achieve the hair goals I went for. Lets hope so !


In the beauty industry, there is nothing like this. I have struggled to find a hair care that works for my thick curly hair and I have tried a lot of products. I use lots of leave in conditioners and serums to maintain my curls and they normally last a couple of days. Also being on lots of different medication has also had an effect, my hair is a lot more coarse than normal. I will be following this company to see what else they produce as Function Of Beauty are a disruptive brand and they could expand into lots of different avenues. I like the idea of customising my beauty routine too.


The 473 ml Shampoo & Conditioner along with the stickers and two pumps costs £39, which is pretty pricey for shampoo and conditioner, but these are going to last me a good couple of months easily and you know that the products are going to work perfectly for your hair. You can find Function Of Beauty online here


First Impressions

I was not a fan of the smell. I know I picked this, but just not to my liking. When I first used the products, the pump for the conditioner is faulty. I like the idea of the  pumps, this works best for my arthritic hands. So hoping to be sent a replacement soon. I emailed on and got a reply back promptly and they are sending me replacement pumps. My hair looked lovely and felt so soft. So this could be a winner in my hair routine. I will amend the hair goals next time and change the colour and fragrance too. That is the beauty of function of beauty. You can change it every time you order ! And the replacement pumps came through so quickly with an apology and the travel bottles, which was an unexpected surprise.

Leave In Conditioner

My Easter present was the leave in conditioner. I had problems with this order too. I made a mistake with the fragrance and requested that they cancel the order. They sent it out, and I could not use it. And then they sent me the correct one twice for no extra charge. How nice is this company. Again, my hair loves it. So I think they will be a re-purchase for sure !

Finished Products Thoughts

The shampoo and conditioner are fine, but not repurchasing. The leave in conditioner, yes I will be. This will be in rotation.

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