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I will never travel full time for a living. I read lots of travel blogs and enjoy their stories, but I do not want that life. I like having a home, with my family close, with my gorgeous cats who I do miss when I am away.

Future Travel Plans

That is not say that I will not go away for extended periods. My husband has often mentioned that he would like to move to Spain. And if you had asked me this ten years ago I would have gone with him straight away. I remember learning Spanish when I was twelve and just falling in love with it. I told my parents then, it was my dream to live in Spain. But with most things in life, dreams change ! And now with Brexit who knows what is going to happen. I have often thought after my cats have passed away to go away for a few months during the UK winter period and fly to Asia and explore various countries. But with my husband’s job who knows if we can do that.

But again, who knows what is going to happen in any of our futures. My initial goal is to be mortgage free and explore more of Europe. And then maybe explore more of the US. There are lots of states still to visit. And I have lots of goals !

In my ideal world, I would work as a temp, save money and go off for a trip every few months. I have been researching lots of solo trips that I am interested in. I just know that I do not want to be on the road for a living. I want to travel for where I want to go, on my terms. But still have my home with my husband and my family, cats and friends. After all who knows what is going to happen in anyone’s future !

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