2022 GOALS

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New Years Goals for 2022. Will continue with skincare useup, new challenge starting in April. See this post for further details. Still have more decluttering to do.

Loft Clear Out

With having rheumatoid arthritis, I have to take my time with clearing out things. I aim with the help from family member to get a couple of boxes a week out of the loft. Having a good look and hopefully declutter and give to charity or throw away. I hope to have this finished by the spring/summer. But I have a lot of stuff to get through.

A Holiday

My first trip away for over two years thanks to Covid is to Devon and Cornwall. My mum and I are exploring at our own pace. Seeing as much or as little as we want. We have booked our hotels, and hope this trip comes off.


Last summer I got a disabled cinema pass. A two for one deal, you and your carer deal. But from late September, I was housebound to various infections. I am determined to get to the cinema more that once like last year. But very picky on what I want to see. Hopefully once a month, I will get there. Starting with Morbius in late January if we are not lockdown.

No Buy Month

Once I have spent my Christmas money at Braintree Village outlet on a few things. Then I will go into another no buy. I really do not need much. But a no buy is hard so I will do it by a week by week goal. Hopefully this will work for me.



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