2023 GOALS

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2023 goals are what I would like to achieve. I am so limited with what my body can do due to my bad health in 2022.

Body Products Useup

I buy a lot of body products in bulk. At the present moment they are in two storage boxes in my cupboard. I would like them to just be in one box. I think I will get this meet. I have not brought many body things except for my birthday shower gel from the Body Shop


Refillable Bath/Shower Gels

I also only want to buy refillable bath and shower products. I know what I like, one brand The Body Shop do a refill scheme. So I am hoping other brands like Molten Brown, Elemis, Liz Earle do the same.

2023 goals

New Skincare Products

If I find new skincare products that I would like to try. Try and buy only travel sizes to test first. I have had so many products this past year with this. I have had to either pass the product on to family or friends or throw it away. Always test with a smaller size first.


I would love to declutter a lot more, but my husband always stops me. There is so much in my home, I could get rid off. A few cupboards are playing on my mind. Some in the kitchen and the second one in my laundry area. I have three to four thoughts, but have not got it right yet.


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