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“It’s the jeans and white T-shirt of skincare – great, reliable, effective formulas that always work.” – Sali Hughes

Beauty expert and journalist Sali Hughes has teamed up with Revolution Skincare to create “a simple, low maintenance but active routine for busy beauty lovers… great skincare, made easy.” I did not want the complete range, and brought what I thought would work on my rosacea skin.


Butterclean Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm,

This is a rich balm into milk formula that helps rid the complexion of dirt, makeup and impurities. Contains:

• Squalane: a lightweight, non-irritating moisturiser
• Safflower seed oil: a skin-softening emollient
• Jojoba oil: a skin-softening omega fatty acid
• Hero hydrator hyaluronic acid

I liked this at first but as it went on. When my skin plays up, it irritates it. I ended up using up on my neck and hands. Not buying another one of these.

The Must-C Daily Anytime Serum

A hydrating and brightening Vitamin C formula, that can be used in the morning and evening. Contains;

• Ascorbyl Glucoside: a stable form of 15% vitamin C that brightens, evens skin tone and provides antioxidant protection
• Niacinamide: to minimise the appearance of pores, strengthen and soothe the skin
• Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Propanediol: to retain moisture and protect the skin’s barrier
• Antioxidants Ferulic acid and Vitamin E

This worked on my skin when it is was irritated so this will be going into my vitamin c rotation. Its a lovely product to use.

The Placid 5-Acid Daily Exfoliant

A gentle exfoliating toner powered by a number of beneficial AHAs and a BHA to decongest skin, leaving it looking brighter and feeling smoother. Contains;

• Salicylic acid: to exfoliate and help unclog and clean pores
• Tranexamic acid: to tone the complexion and create an even skin tone
• Glycolic acid: to exfoliate and help the skin glow
• Lactic acid: a multi-benefit exfoliant
• Malic acid: a gentle exfoliator with brightening benefits
• Propanediol and Glycerin: to protect the skin barrier and retain moisture
• Hero hydrator Hyaluronic Acid

This is the only product in the range that does not have any scent. It is lovely and again will be repurchasing when finished.

The Cream Drench Rich Anytime Moisturiser

An ideal AM and PM hydrator, specially formulated for drier skins. Contains;

• Squalane: a lightweight, non-irritating moisturiser, derived from olives
• Ceramides: skin-identical ingredients that replenishes and protect the skin’s barrier
• Niacinamide: to minimise the appearance of pores, strengthen and soothe
• Glycerin: non-clogging moisture and barrier protection
• Hero hydrator Hyaluronic Acid

One I first used this, it stung my skin. So I used this up on my body and will never buy this again.


A range I was so looking forward too, but was so disappointed. My skin can tolerate some scents but all but one are so heavy with the fragrance. I will be buying the Vitamin C and the Acid toner but nothing more. The scent is too much for me.

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