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Skin and me is an online dermatology consultation service where they diagnose skin at a distance. They specialise in the treatment of acne and skin-ageing and they provide personalised skincare solutions to help you achieve your individual skin goals. They are prescribed just for you and your skin, and delivered to your door every month. I wanted to use this on my rosacea, peri menopausal skin. I wanted to try for at least three months, as that is the time it takes to see a difference in your face. I got two months free and just paid the postage.

So how does it work? Once you’ve taken the online dermatology consultation and uploaded three selfies, the Dermatology Team reviews all your information. Then, if you’re eligible for treatment, the team will create a personalised prescription, which is passed to The Feel Good Pharmacy to be dispensed and shipped. It was so quick to get a treatment plan, literally the next day.

skin and me

The first bottle arrived on the 2nd January 2020.

skin and me

This scared me a little, it was Tretinoin but I tried it. I used it the evening. I cleansed my face and patted it dry. Added a hyluronic acid and then used the dose. Waited ten minuites and then moisturised. The next morning, I had a little peeling under my eyes. This was strange as I have purposely avoided the eye area. But I really really like this. After that I had no problems, this is going to be a staple in my evening skincare routine.

After my first month, I put this on hold. I had four over the counter retinols to use up. But I decided to start again in March, as I wanted to continue. I will be using the four other counter ones on my neck and hands.  This is my nightly ritual and I would recommend this to anyone. I think I will just to avoid the winter months of January and February, my skin is worse during the illness I get.

I will continue to use this every month, except January and February when I normally pick up numerous illness. This I would recommend to anyone, it is an easy way to try prescription tretinoin.

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