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I made an appointment at Skin Sense GP in Chelmsford. It is based in New Street in Chelmsford, opposite from where I used to live many years ago. It was nice to be around this area, seeing all the changes. I know this area very well.  The reason why I booked the appointment, was to answer the question about the constant state of redness that I see on my face. I have pale skin, I do not tan well.  I have redness on my nose, cheeks, t-zone and chin. I just wanted to know if I had rosacea or not. I know that the redness was around before my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. And I have also had ongoing white spots that is milia on my nose and this year both under and on my eye lid. So I booked an appointment for a cosmetic consultation and meet Dr  Soumya Lanka.

skinsense skinsense

I arrived and filled all my details and medical conditions, and felt very relaxed. And this doctor is very open about discussing anything you bring up. We talked about my concerns with my red face, and she told me straight away that I do have rosacea. I suspected that I did and it was nice to finally after forty years get this confirmed. We then talked about beauty products that I have been using and she told me that until I repaired my barrier function, I should stop using everything. She advised me to just clean my face, then use a serum we discussed and then spf 50 daily. Make sure that I wear spf 50 even when I am indoors or outdoors. This was the serum that I will be using and should see a difference within three months.


This is the sun cream that she suggested and I told her that I had others to use up first. And she said next time, use one with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

skinsense skinsense

We then discussed my rheumatoid arthritis as she is a GP too.


And she advised me on supplements that would help me and make me feel better.

I still have to try and get one more supplement from my doctor and I should be set to feel and look so much better. So lets see if this happens. I would recommend Skin Sense in Chelmsford to anyone who has concerns about the skin. It is so good to have answers and have a way forward to resolving my issues.

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