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Simple skincare is hit and miss on my rosacea skin. The Skin Calming Moisturiser with Organic Hemp Seed Oil works so well on my skin. I often pick one up when it is on offer for less than £5. On a recent trip to Boots I found the new range Water Boost.

“Dry skin happens. Yep, whether it’s from harsh cleansers or hormones, sometimes our natural lipid barrier is disrupted, which means moisture leaks out and skin can feel rough, flaky, and irritated. Our tips to helping dry skin? Stick to a gentle, balanced routine with specially tailored skincare for dry skin that replenishes the barrier, so that water stays in place, and skin stays supple and moisturised”

This is the range

One of the key active ingredients within this line, Pentavitin, is a natural plant extract that has a complex that is identical to our skin.  It works intelligently to mimic the naturally occurring moisturising agents that are found in our skin.  It has the unique ability of being able to bond with skin cells and allowing the skin to build moisture over time.

Now I found all these on offer but I do not like wipes, or one use face masks. or gel washes. I did not buy them. I brought these less than £4 each. And the packaging surprised me. The 50ml night cream was a tiny jar compared to other brands.

  • Micellar Cleansing Water did not clean as well as I was expecting. Did not work as well as another brand I have used.
  • Hydrating Booster worked like a primer. Not bad but hydrating enough.
  • Hydrating Gel Cream, did not like this product at all.
  • Skin Quench Sleeping Cream this was not enough hydration for me. I needed something more richer for my skin.

I am not sure I would buy any of this Simple Water Boost range again. I am not sure that these worked well enough on my rosacea peri menopausal skin. But I am glad I tried them.

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