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Exfoliating pads review. With my rosacea skin, I have to be so careful, so I do not use every day. I use these just every third day. This is also that I am using prescription tretinoin every evening.

First Aid Beauty

Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads work to effectively improve skin clarity and visibly reduce pores. Combining cucumber and Indian gooseberry with lemon peel and liquorice root, the toning pads professionally brighten and tone the skin whilst smoothing out the appearance of fine lines. Expect radiant, glowing skin with a more even complexion. These were the first ones I tried and I was very impressed. No irritation, and great price.



These dual-action resurfacing pads, powered by ELEMIS patented Tri-Enzyme technology, act as a very effective, yet gentle skin-perfecting exfoliator. An innovative and refining treatment, that enhances the Dynamic Resurfacing routine, replacing the need for harsh exfoliators. Gently encourages the skin’s surface cell renewal cycle and prepares skin for optimum results from the rest of the range. Contains three different enzymes: Papain, which comes from papaya fruit, Protease and micro-encapsulated Subtilisin. These three enzymes work together to help break up peptide bonds, gently yet effectively resurfacing the skin. These were next used, slightly stung some days, and more expensive. So not repurchasing


Dr Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel is a two-step revitalising and skin-conditioning treatment that gently eliminates dulling dead skin cells (without running the risk of a tantrum). ‘Step 1’ is infused with a trio of powerful (but gentle!) exfoliating acids – including lactic, mandelic and willow bark extract – while ‘Step 2’ helps to limit the alpha hydroxyl activity, while infusing skin with balancing, soothing and anti-ageing actives. A perfect introduction for those new to AHAs, this is also the perfect brightening, wrinkle-reducing and strengthening treatment for all those who crave the effects of a ‘peel’ – minus the side-effects. These were next used. So good, worked so well. But I can not afford to have these in my routine. For a box of 30, these are £89.00, not to be.



These ingenious, pre-soaked (travel-friendly) facial pads are infused with a blend of four different hydroxyl acids, to gradually resurface skin and in turn, reduce the appearance of lines, scars, dark spots, dullness and enlarged pores. polyhydroxy acids – the next generation of hydroxy acids – are natural, safe and non-irritating. Derived from lactose, Zelens use lactobionic polyhydroxy acid to enhance exfoliation of the uppermost layer of skin and encourage the normalisation of its thickness, whilst binding atmospheric water to create a natural gel-film that grants hydration, plumpness and a velvety smoothness to the skin, and protect from the damage caused by environmental aggressors. alpha hydroxy acids have a deeper, dermal effect – boosting the production of collagen and thus increasing the strength, elasticity and thickness of deeper skin layers, and beta hydroxy acid (salicylic) works to minimise the visibility of wrinkles, whilst tackling blemishes by reducing inflammation and eliminating pore-clogging surface debris. They’re eco-friendly too.


Repurchasing ?

Thankfully, my rosacea skin has not reacted to any of these. As I have already stated, they are used three times a week. Which is enough. I will be buying the First Aid Beauty again as these were the best for price and product for me. I would recommend anyone to try a peel pads. I was very impressed with them all.

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