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My favourite expensive bath and shower products.


Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak is perfect when I have an incoming infection with my rheumatoid arthritis body. Especially when I am flaring, which is my most common sign of when I am going to get ill with something. This happens all year, not just winter. This costs £46 for the bottle and I normally get through one a year.

Elemis Cool Down Body Wash is a shower product with the exact same smell as the bath product. This was a new product to me in 2023. This for a 200ml size is £30. It is more expensive than my favourite budget shower products from Simple. But these two from Elemis will always been in my stash.

Molton Brown

Molton Brown Infusing Eucalyptus is a long term favourite, and I am still waiting for this company to make this a refillable version. They are certainly taking there time. As I write this, they still only have three bath products in the refill stage. This is £25 a bottle and again, I get through one a year.


I try and always buy these products when I found a site where there is a sale on. They are expensive for shower and bath products. But these three help me so much during the whole year. With my rheumatoid body, when I flare, it feels like I am on fire. I use the Elemis when this happens and it helps me. I was surprised when I found this out, and then repurchased the bath soak numerous time as I see this as medicinal product. The rest of the time, I use up simple and the two The Body shop ones I like. So I do get a variety.

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