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New kitchen pieces I have brought this year. With my new health issues in both stomach and bowels. I have been researching and looking at lots of different food. Came to the conclusion that I need to make my own soup, smoothies, pasta sauces, milkshakes and ice cream. I may even venture into other things but time will tell.

Ice Cream Maker

This summer, I brought the Ninja Creami  The best thing was I never paid the full price for the creami, after shipping I paid far less than half the recommend retail price.

I used the Creami and first and ventured into milkshakes with my favourite fruit, namely banana, raspberry and cherries. They were all delicious and I slowly looked online for recipes and then tweaked them for me. The beauty of this machine, is a little prepping of ingredients everything is by the press of pre programmed button.

Soup Maker

This was a birthday present. With my soup, I can have either smooth or chunky version depending what I would like that day. I have made tomato, chicken, potato and leek, butternut squash. I tried various vegetables but I did not like it. And I have to have it completely smooth. I really do not like chunky soup. And it was all made with fresh vegetables with the exception of chopped tinned tomatoes and various herbs and spices.

Kitchen Knives

I also brought new Victorinox kitchen knives. We do not pay much attention to our kitchen pieces until this year. I brought on offer, a set from Amazon in the new year sales. These have made such a difference for us, that we are slowly getting the extra kitchen knives that we want. This set was brought in January and our bread knife was brought in June. The knives are game changers for us and will only buy this brand in our future.


It just little changes that work for me having so many food issues. But these things have made such a difference already. So pleased with all these three products. #



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