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Future skincare purchases mantra is the four P’s. I came to this thinking by finishing lots of different brands. Being surprised when things just work a lot better. I find that expensive brands, are not generally worth the extra money. Some budget brands are just so bad too. The trick for me is high street brands, that are mid range.

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The skincare has to work on my rosacea, dehydrated skin. My skin often stings, feels tight, feels like it needs more. This all means, that is not a good match. This would also have to be on the high street and cruelty free. Fragrance is also a potential problem, I never know until I test it, if my skin would accept it. It really is trial and error for me.


My budget no longer wants to pay for high end products. To my surprise many high street budget ranges work so well. Why pay for expensive cleansers when they are on your face for such a short time and then go down the drain. Not anymore, spending my budget where it matters.


Its only when you try brands and notice that their packaging has been well thought out. The serum does not stick in the dropper bottles pipettes. The facial mist when sprayed does not run down your hands.


Thanks to the Yuka app I have found some many favourite skincare products are full of bad ingredients. So that is no for future me. I have been waiting for an app like this as I do not believe skincare brands as they are only after our money.

New Skincare ?

In addition, if I buy any future skincare, I am going to have try and find travel sizes first. Some many problem in 2022 with my new skin products. I am going to very very picky with what I going to try.

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