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2022 my year in review.


This month, I made plans to start decluttering my loft. We moved into our smaller home in 2010 from a three storey townhouse. We put a lot of stuff in the loft and never really decluttered it. That was my goal. But my Rheumatoid Arthritis body had over ideas. I was ill every week for this month. I had to postpone this and just do a little decluttering in my third bedroom, and then when ill rest up and wait for this to pass.


Two really good days this month. One after my annual health check at the doctors, I found out that I had lost two stone and four pounds after the last time I weighed myself in August 2021. Still want to lose some more. And the next day, I got my engagement and wedding ring resized to fit my swollen fingers. I am over the moon with them now, they have both also been cleaned and polished and look brand new. And finally they fit on my fingers. And then I got a letter from the hospital telling me to have my 4th Covid Jab. This was done locally in mid month.


More sinus infections, I had these every week apart from one week in February. A side effect of my jak inhibitors. But now well enough to start decluttering our loft. My mum and me have been doing a little every Monday and with problems with my legs, I can not get into the loft. Its been bittersweet going through my history. I have found old photos and things. It brings back memories. I would also say, that over ninety percent which has come down, I have given to charity, recycled or thrown away. It is a slow job, but I am pleased that it finally been started. I also had another appointment at the hospital.


This month was had highs and lows. I managed to finish clearing my loft. We were so pleased but I kept looking around my home thinking I could get rid of so much. But I am not allowed too, my husband always said no when I asked him. I met my private dentist who told me the best thing is too have the broken tooth removed. I am now on the hospital waiting list. I started going to the cinema with my best friend. And tried a new budget skincare range from ELF that worked so well for me. I got back into reading and got a few authors from the library.


Went down to Clacton On Sea twice and had two favourite cakes. Back at the cinema and saw both Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and Top Gun Maverick which was amazing. I got a call from a dentist in my town who told me that they could take my tooth out. But when I met him, he did not feel me with confidence. So I left, and now back on the hospital waiting list. Went out to Terling for a lovely roast lunch. While my husband went to Portugal for a motorbike event. Strange Things 4 was brilliant and I can not wait for the ending in July.


This month started with a four day bank holiday celebrating our Queen celebrating her seventy years on the throne. It was lovely watching various events online for the Platinum Jubilee. I then had my first holiday in two years. I went to Devon and Cornwall with a family member while my husband started at home to look after our cats.



This month, I finally sorted out my cupboard of doom in my third bedroom. There I found more memories and more things I could get rid of. I was so pleased, to finish this. I replaced my passport and was surprised to get a new blue one within a week. Also had to buy a new laptop.  At the end of the month, we drove down to Eastbourne, to see family. My cousin and his family came over from Australia, and everyone was going to be there. It was lovely to see them, as not seen them since before the pandemic. In the east, we also had a lovely summer and no rain for such a long time.


We watched England’s women football team win the Euros, and it was such a good final. Then my health issues took over. I had to see my doctor three times, over three weeks. Another gynecologic cancer question.


Thankful that I do have any geological cancer that we know off. Then our Queen Elizabeth II passed away. This was sad but she did live until she was ninety six. Her state funeral was something that I had never seen before on television. Then back at the doctors and now referred back to the hospital for lower GI cancers like colon or bowels.


This month started with my fifth Covid jab with a new improved vaccine, this had horrible side effects on me for four days. My husband also was badly effected too. Meet a new doctor at the hospital, who was really nice and wants to do a endoscopy. But first, we had our first trip to Spain together. Not posted about it, as it was a bit of mess. Husband was very ill, so we did not do much at all. Disturbed sleep for all four nights, and evening flights this did not work for me.


An endoscopy’s for me. This were not nice, and you have to low fibre diet for four days before hand. I also had to stop all my multi-vitamins too. This was awful for me. The first endoscopy I tried with gas and air. It was fine until the camera had to move around the bends. My notes stated I had one to two episodes of mild discomfort and well tolerated. It was so painful and I would recommend anyone to put under.  My health issues took a turn on my mental heath this month too.



I tried to get into Christmas, I went to various events but they were all fails for me. Mid month, I was told that a family member was very ill and he passed away a few days later. Another sad time for our family. Christmas just takes too much for me, and I just want it over.


That’s my 2022 finished. Not a year I would like to repeat. Lets hope 2023 is much better for me and my family and friends.

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