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I have completed all but one of 2022 goals. But I do not mind. Life has its ups and downs. I am now thinking of my 2023 goals. I like to have things to work towards.

Loft Clear Out

My mum came and helped me clear our the loft in March of 2022. Not been touched in over ten years, it had a lot of stuff we had not touched. Every week for four weeks, a lot was taken out of the loft. I then spent the rest of the week sorting it out. Whether re boxing, passing onto to charity, recycled or thrown away. Remember I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is why it would take me a week to sort out but that’s life. It is so much better now and we can easily find things and its a big job done.

A Holiday

My first trip away for over two years thanks to Covid is to Devon and Cornwall. I loved this trip. I also was given a return trip to Spain for my birthday. First trip with my husband since 2019. However, my husband was ill before we left and it was a hit and miss trip. Bucket list visit Bilbao for the first time. I would love to return and explore further.


Last summer I got a disabled cinema pass. A two for one deal, you and your career deal. I only went to the cinema three times, so when it came to renew this pass I did not bother. I am happy to wait and see things online. Disney Plus get the movies within three months.

No Buy Month

This was a fail for 2022 goals. But I do want to try new things all the time. I think I now have enough things for another year. An ongoing challenge that I will continue in 2023.

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