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August and September 2023 are my birthday and holiday months. But also many bad health issues were taken place in my body too.

August 2023

Health Problems

Birthday month started with another blood test to see if I have celiac disease. And to my surprise, I had three vials taken out this time. But I do not have celiac disease, at least this was ruled out.

Then a week later, appointment at a new dentist to get my broken tooth out. I thought that I was going to have a conversation, but to my surprise, he took it out. What I was told was inflammation, was actually an nasty tooth infection which was damaging both roots of the next teeth. But it was the best decision just at the wrong time.


Then the next day was my birthday, I had to go to hospital at 8.30am to meet at a gastroenterologist doctor. My local doctor thinks I have either bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel disease or something else related to my bowels. He was such a lovely doctor and told me he knows both my local doctor and my rheumatologist well too. Look likes I have another lovely doctor, he told me after going through all my records that I could have IBS and or Crohn’s disease. Now going to have further tests in the future to hopefully get some answers. Then we popped and did some shopping in Chelmsford which was a little disappointing. I only picked up my shower gel from The Body Shop, I brought a refill one with my birthday discount and this is what I will always get from there.

August and September 2023

I wanted to go shopping at Ikea at Lakeside and visit GBK again. When I was organising my new shoe/boot storage I wanted to get a few pieces from Ikea. It seemed too good to not to combine them both. I have not been to GBK for over three years and I know that these and birthday cake would all irritate me. But I knew I was going to eat them both. It was lovely to be back and it was very challenging to eat a burger filled with my favourite combination of garlic mayo and ketchup. I had to cut it eight pieces and have small bites. I ended the day having walked over 9725 steps and felt exhausted but I had pushed myself to do everything that I wanted too.

August and September 2023 August and September 2023

Then the rest of the month, resting up and we are still eating our bad food that I will not be repurchasing as I will make my own soups, ice cream and anything else. I can not wait to stop eating gluten food. August has been so challenging to me health wise. One I do not want to repeat. One of the better things was watching the Women’s World Cup in Australia. England got to the final but unfortunately lost the match.

September 2023

Early this month, a return visit to Ikea to return something and we popped into Lakeside Thurrock and I found this gorgeous jumper.

August and September 2023

Our annual holiday to Spain and this time it was to Gran Canarias. We have never visited any of the canaries before.

August and September 2023

Then back to real life of decluttering until the last week of the month.

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