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January, February and March 2024 what I got up to when I have to stay indoors.


I started decluttering my third bedroom. Since I was ill with shingles late last year, this room got a bit out of hand with this that did not belong in there. The first week, two bags of cardboard recycling was removed. The second week of the month, the UK got so cold, that I could not do much as the cold affects my rheumatoid body. So I read lots of books that were both library and owned ones that I have been trying to read for months. But my joints got effected at the end of this month. And my hot water was again not working well. So no hot bathes to soothe my painful joints. Just a heated bed and watching things online. Had my hair cut at the end of the month with a new stylist. But it was such a disappointment, I know I will be back there by the end of the year. As he hardly cut any off.

January February And March 2024


Eating up things in my house before buying new things. I did manage to declutter a bag of clothes, a bag of bags. And excess from the one kitchen cupboard I sorted out. I am slowly going out during the week and the weekend. We never seem to buy enough fridge bits to last the week but going out is bad for me. Appointment with a physiotherapist, who offered me a steroid injection and exercises for my bad knee. I laughed at both. My notes state I also refuse this and previously paid out privately for treatment on my knee. It never lasts and until the knee is replaced. Nothing more can be done to it. Waste of time for me. End of the month, more workmen outside, this time Virgin Media. Digging up the same area as the gasmen did last April. I asked why there was marks next to my fence and house. Essex County Council had signed off a box being next to our home as we are the end house. But when the workmen come to mark out. They realised, they could not do this, as there is a gas pipe running along the side of our house. This was a good decision, a long time again when we renovated.

January February And March 2024


Found CSI was back and the first season now names CSI: Vegas had Grissom back along with a few other original characters. Really enjoyed it, but not bothered about the second or third season as he was not in it. Sorting through empty skincare and current skincare as mindful that over 75% of what I have is so bad. Now when I want something, I try and find it to take a photo of the bar code, and then I check it on the Yuka app at home. People have told me this app is rubbish but my gut is telling me to stick with it. I will try and only buy and use things that are good. I re joined Disney+ for the next three months.  They had a deal for £1.99 a month for three months. But after looking at their catalogue, I think I will be done in two months. I really think that Disney has lost their way. Finally got my gutters cleared as have leaks outside my window affects my sleep at nighttime, when it rains.  His lordship is away for Easter. And I will have no car here, so this makes sense. I did spend Easter with family and now making my own home made gluten free food. And also brought a couple of pieces of replacement summer shoes and a couple of new additions to ad to my capsule wardrobe. Items that work with multi other items that I already own.

January February And March 2024


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