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These are my top ten liked photos from my Instagram feed this year in 2017. I actually think that Instagram is my favourite social media. But I am not fan of the pictures you see when it just photos of the same person over and over again. I prefer to see places and countries through people’s eyes. You will not find that on my Instagram feed and you can follow me here 

  1. The Red Panda found at the Chengdu Research Base Of Giant Panada’s – a bucket list place for me and I loved it !

2. Slovenia, the dog and children waiting for the fresh water to drink

3. An oldie, the journey behind Niagara Falls

4. An early morning in Old Town, Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. Kings Cross station in London

6. A tunnel in Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Plaza De Espana, Madrid, Spain

8. Queen Victoria Memorial, The Mall, London

9. Dubrovnik, Croatia

10. View from the Berlin Tower, Germany



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