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When I booked to go to an event in Cardiff, Wales, I knew I was going to be travelling by train.  And I decided to stop over and visit Bath as I had not been there yet. My first thing was to go to the


Now my best trick to get cheap train tickets are

  • Book three months before your date of travel
  • Check prices for both single and return tickets
  • Travel after 9.30am – the end of the rush hour during the week.

And I had my tickets sent to me in the post, I know from previous experience trying to find the ticket machine and you have the wrong machine – I like to travel stress free so this was a no-brainer.


I booked a single ticket from London to Bath for £14.50 and then Bath to Cardiff for £10.50 in 2016. I live in the east of England, so to get my 10.30am train out I knew I would travelling in rush hour on the London Tube with a suitcase. I was prepared to do this, but there is a lot of engineering work during Easter on the trains. I decided to stay in London.  So I stayed in a hotel close to Paddington Station.


And what I like about the booking my train online, you can reserve a seat and request a quiet carriage. Which is something I will always try and book for the future.



And I always take along my Kindle, so I can either read books, watch videos or play games.  And something else, I did not know when I booked my travel that I would be getting a bus between Bath and Cardiff. I found out while on the train.


And then I arrived in Cardiff, the railway station at Central was beautiful.


Although some of the departure information left me laughing to myself !



This trip across the country was so much fun, I really hope to visit more of the UK ! Hope these train tips help !

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