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The Sound Of Music was the reason I booked this visit to Salzburg. I watched this film with my family when we were younger and I have always wanted to visit and see the sights. Luckily for me I found some sights through my forty eight hour stay in the city. And I also booked to see more on Panoarama Original Sound Of Music Tour

I went to Mirabell Palace Garden on my first day and found where the steps and garden where they sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’


The next day I found the Abbey which is a functioning Nunnery with 21 nuns still living/working there.

With my Salzburg City Card, I got free entry to St Peters Monastery, Cemetery and Catacombs. Where I found where the family hid when they were pursued by the National Socialists, the Trapp family fled through St. Peter’s Cemetery, finding a secure hiding place in the dark rocky recesses before ultimately escaping safely to Switzerland. This never actually happened, the real family took a train to Italy. Before eventually moving to the US.


Then I joined a four hour tour called the Original Sound Of Music Tour. We started with driving out of the city and passed a bridge that the cast walked on in their curtain wardrobe.

Then we arrived at Lake Leopoldskron mirroring the palace, where the famous boating scene was filmed. From there you can see the Captain’s rear garden, lake and private palace gardens. As the Von Trapp family was actually filmed at two separate locations, that are miles apart.


Then onto see the Gazebo that had rebuilt especially for all movie fans in the gardens of Hellbrunn Palace.


Then onto to see the other half of the Von Trapp home we could not explore this as it now the Mozarteum Music Academy.


Unlucky for us, after this visit, the rain, thunder and lightening started. We drove to the Lake District and stopped to see some ‘picturesque lakes’ but I did not even bother to get off the coach. The photos would have been terrible, who wants to see rain, dark clouds. I have been lucky with amazing weather the day before and this morning. I was not bothered. We ended up at the town of Mondsee which was the setting of the film’s wedding at the Mondsee Cathedral.


We then drove back to Central Salzburg where the tour ended at the Mirabellplatz Gardens where I had visited the day before. So I finished there. And just look at our coach. I really enjoyed this tour and would recommend this to anyone wanting to see some of the sights from the Sound Of Music film.


This has been a bucket list for me. And I have so enjoyed visiting all these beautiful locations from the Sound Of Music. This was the main reason I had wanted to visit Salzburg and Austria. I am so pleased to finally come here.

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  • Reply kerry 13th July 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Ahh this looked so good. We didnt get time to do the tour, but I quite fancied it. Four hours was just to long out of our three days. There is so much I want to go back and see! xx

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